Receiver of Feathers


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Listen to the magpie warble

I love magpies. For as long as I have remembered, the sound of a magpie warbling has been one of my favourite sounds in the whole world. Right up there with murmuring creeks in the Australian bush and crinkling cellophane paper. More and more I have been enjoying my garden. I go out in the mornings to welcome the day and throughout the day to meditate or just sit and read on my old granny chair.
Whenever difficult or scary things happened to me, I would often hear the magpie warble from somewhere nearby.
Sadly, a very heavy rain came to Sydney and many of the local birds were lost, some even killed by the downpour. I never saw my friend again. I still hear magpies around but they do not come.
When I went on a bush walk recently, I thought I was getting a little lost and I could feel the familiar panic (I was lost in the bush once before). Then, as I turned a corner of the path, I came upon two perfect magpie feathers. They were large and flawless and I felt they were a gift and a message to let me know all was well. I did safely get back home obviously.

This week, I received three feathers. I was walking along a street near my house when I saw a currawong being hassled by many native minor birds who are very aggressive and relentless. I directed all my energy to protecting the currawong ( I am under no illusion that the currawong actually really needed my help, but I did it instinctively anyway).
I visualised a bubble around the currawong and a gold light around this shining on the bird and then also a large violet flame barrier around all of this that would prevent the minors from getting anywhere near. Anyway, that was all. I continued on my way home and didn’t think of it at all until two days later when my husband and I were walking in the national park and suddenly, right before my eyes on the ground were 3 perfectly lined up currawong feathers. Again, pristine condition and large. I took it as a thankyou gift and dont know if it is anything more.
Yesterday I was reading about shamanism and the passage mentioned that of you receive a feather gift, you should proudly display it. So I have hung it in the mobile my daughter made which hangs above my bed. Two feathers, one from magpie and the another from currawong now float above my head when I sleep.

This morning I went out for a walk and was greeted by the haunting song of about 8 currawongs in the trees just outside my house. All of them were singing and calling. I didn’t know what they were saying or if this was any message to me but it is certainly a coincidence as I rarely see currawongs in my street and never so many at one time. I felt a little inadequate for some reason as I just didn’t know how to respond. Also a little silly even thinking this could possibly be anything related to me.


During the walk I also noticed a whole flock of pigeons flying around the back of a house in my street. I think they are trained. I was thinking how beautiful they were and elegant. About an hour later, when I went to pick up my parents to drive them to the airport, I got out of the car and was immediately greeted by many, many pigeon feathers spread all over the front garden. I picked one up that was white on one side and had the most beautiful purple shimmer on the other. My father came out and told me that the pigeon was weak and two ravens came along to eat it, ..while it was still alive!

This last feather came to me differently to the others. It is a message similar to that which i have been thinking lately. That there is no real good and bad in the world, just the whole gammet of expression from love and generosity to fear and hatred. The ravens are part of the circle of life, just like the leopard seals who eat Happy Feet and the flies that devour our bodily waste. It is just a matter of perception and non-judgement of things that are beyond our everyday understanding.
Here are some photos of my feathers. You can see a magpie (striped on left) a pigeon (front) and currawong (at the back).
Also, here is the Currawong:




The Spinning Vortex

For a bout a year now I have seen a small spinning sphere whenever I close my eyes. When I consciously try to focus on it, it becomes very clear and super-active. In the past few months I have been able to see it even when my eyes are open if I stare into the near distance and glaze my eyes, particularly if it is a little dark. It does not distort my vision and my eyes are great otherwise.


It’s not really spinning. I would describe it as more of an undulating or flashing movement. Imagine a plasma ball. Put your finger in the centre of the ball and imagine the electrical streaks shooting towards and away from it. Sometimes it looks a little like this. At other times they seem like straight rods or spokes alternating in brightness as they circle the centre.

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