Shamanic EarthWalks Training- Week 1

Yesterday was my first session with Heather. “Shamanic Earth-Walks Training –  Training to assist you to walk your path more consciously and confidently, and to guide others to do the same.”

It was such a magical, mystical experience. My first journey, I met my power animals of the 4 directions and I learned about the sacred circle as a map to my own life. Here is my first Sacred Circle:

IMG_7097Firstly, Wattle bird followed us down to the spot on the rocks overlooking the harbour. He sat in a branch and ‘clock, clock’ed every so often. It was such a wonderful welcome.

We sat on a rock at Balls Head Point (Heather calls it “Whale Tail point” overlooking Sydney Harbour and Heather unpacked her magical tools: anointing oils, water from the Artesian basin (her home), water from Peru, sage wrapped up, crystals, something to offer the land (eg Crystal wand) a wisdom stick (to show me, not to use) and smudging bowl.

Pre: Shamanism is an ancient wisdom that says that everyone is connected.Everything holds a certain vibration and shamans tap into these vibrations to communicate with nature: with both animate and inanimate things. It has its foundation in the belief in Animism. Everything comes in cycles and seasons. Shamans are teachers, healers and guides.

We sat and talked about the sacred circle and its purpose: to be a map for my life.

We went through each direction and I was asked to find something nearby that represented each direction (a yellow leaf for East/beginnings, a stick for North/commitment, dragonfly pendant for west/  connection and pine cone/horse for South /clarity/mind)

Heather lead me around the circle and explained the meaning of each direction..I was asked to name/ allow the animal for each direction. I just allowed an animal to come and she asked me why I said the animal. I found this wonderfully insightful afterwards. At the time, I just allowed and voiced what I felt.

East: Whale: submersible- can go to great depths, has a beautiful song. Big, strong and gentle

North: Bear: can hibernate and when slowed down can be in flow! Protective mother bear. Fierce when needed but otherwise, minding her own business

West: Dragon/ dragonfly: Powerful but fragile. Gentle, fleeting, water based.

South: Horse: can live in both worlds of spirituality and materialism. Horse is agile and can adapt easily between the two worlds: spirituality (free, wild, brumbies) and the material world or work, money and responsibilities (the workhorse, domesticated). Horse is clever and has an agile mind as well. Horse always comes home. (Sadly, I initially tried to reject Horse as I couldn’t think of any connection)

Heather asked me to identify where they were in relation to me and I knew! Thinking about this later I realise I was sitting in the Heart.

Next we talked about things that may be holding me back. We talked about what I really want: my intention for starting this journey” To be authentically me. To be able to express myself. Holding me back is the feeling of not being able to let myself be accepted, let alone seen. Like I do;t belong and am unwanted, a nuisance and awkward because what I say can be silly and ridiculed.

We talked about the elements of Earth, fire, water and air and I allowed a version of each if these to show itself to me. This is ME:

Fire: slow burning ember, small flames after a fire. Warm (people come to it for warmth) heart felt

Wind: steady and good flow. Strong and steady, does not slow but can move easily around obstacles.

Water: steady rain or steady flowing river over rock bed: washing, flowing : not too fast  and not too slow: steady, refreshing, lovely sound.

Earth: the desert (or the bush?) Majestic and awesome.

The next day I did a meditation and asked my 4 new power animals to show me more about themselves and their relationship to me. How we may work together? I decided to listen to Heather’s advice about not researching the animals yet…I will do that during the week.

Here is what happened:

First The whale came and I saw a massive eye at level to my eye. Then she opened her mouth and I climbed in! She took me down, down, down deep into the ocean. I felt a little nervous as I kept thinking I would not be able to swim back up alive (one of my fears about water depths). Then she opened her mouth!! I fell out and found myself swimming easily..I swam over her body and ran my hands along her back, feeling the barnacles and ridges. We swam and played and then eventually swan gently to the surface (I lay on her back as she came up.)

Whale will help me go to the depths of my emotions safely and help me to come back again safely. I can call on her when I want to really feel, connect with my emotions, heal past hurts and understand myself better. (I tried this later on regarding a sadness with my family (siblings and parents) and it was beautiful. She is gentle and loving.

Whale: Inward: navigate emotions. Outward: The Dreamer.

Next I waited for Bear. She came in a gentle sway and stopped as we looked at each other.She turned around and I climbed on her back.  We went flying off in to the sky which was a bit of a shock. Now I understand why I mentioned ‘constellations in the north sky” to Heather when I nominated Bear for the North. then we came home and I disembarked.

Bear can take me travelling throughout the Universe. I can call on her for Astral travelling safely as she will bring me home safely. She will help me to find places and others in the ether.

Bear: Inward: Navigate the Ether safely. Outward: The Healer

Next I turned West and waited for the dragonfly. The dragon came instead…again, a huge eye on a head that swung around swiftly and with an unusual movement. I was ready for a ride but instead the dragon lay down and I was invited to snuggle next to it, curled up and protected. I realised our hearts were one. I was the dragon at one point! I felt very loved and protected and cared for by this mighty, massive and powerful dragon. It was like I had come home.

I can call on the dragon to connect with my heart and feel safe in all situations. The dragon and I will work closely together. I feel we have worked together for a very long time. We are one.

Dragon: Inward: Love and protection. Outward: The Teacher

Lastly I turned South (it was hard to leave the dragon). I saw Horse who walked up to me from a distance. She was beautiful and brown. When she got to me we connected . Then she turned around and walked off the way she had come! I was a little confused but then I followed her. She lead me over many different terrains: across deserts and plains, bushland, sandy beaches, up and down and around treacherous mountains. At times she would walk around something instead of going straight through I didn’t know why, but I kept close and followed her. Sometimes she trotted and sometimes she ran and at all times I stayed right behind her. She kept me safe and on path.

Horse will guide me safely through my life. I can call on her and trust her to lead me on the right path. She works for my highest good and my highest intentions for she knows my heart.

Horse: Inward: Navigate Life with wisdom and logic. Outward:The Warrior.

I am so grateful to each Spirit Animal who has come to help me on my path and also toHeather for helping me to discover and connect with them. I love you spirit animals and look forward to learning more about you and working with you in future.


Heather’s website:



Channelled Messages


Channelled messages from 2009! Just found them again…sadly still relevant.


Be more like the ocean- fluid, effortlessly adapting to the shape , size and texture of it’s environment. Supporting other life, giving off and cleansing. Be transparent with your emotions and don’t attempt to hide your true nature. Expose yourself, for it is when we do this, people respond in kind and we are rewarded with a new level of intimacy.

Nurture and feed the land, the environment and all of humanity. For it as a race that you move forward- in unison. We can make it easier by supporting each other , particularly if the times are hard but always be considerate and loving towards all others.

Develop a sense of belonging and then you will more easily develop your empathy, your compassion and you will instinctively know how to help when it is within your ability to do so.

We could do worse than to imagine ourselves as the bees.

We are all busy buzzing around on our own paths, doing our own thing but we are all trying to reach the same goal. We are all travelling together, all working as one but differently. Which is why it is futile to think of yourself as above or below another simply because of your profession.

Every path is the right path. Every soul has it’s own unique journey and like a tapestry we weave together to form a complete and perfect whole.

None of the threads are of less importance. The menial tasks are of the same weight of thread. The gym instructor, the garbage collector and the president of the United States. All are of the essence of humanity, all are serving their purpose in the pattern. This is why it is futile to feel yourself above or below others because of your profession. Some have no profession but serve an important purpose nonetheless. To serve, to offer up to others is not to be below but to be of a different coloured thread in the multicoloured tapestry.

What we need to remember is to give of ourselves with unconditional love when it is required of us and to accept the sacrifices of others. Just support and encourage them.

We are all doing different things, we have different things to learn and we bring back the knowledge to the group to share.

And so it is that one’s lessons or learning affect the whole.

For in fact you are the whole and not parts of it.

To give of yourself , no matter what or where your particular talents lie.

That is all that is asked.

All facets of humanity are required to allow the pattern to be formed. Without the darker shades or the nondescript or background colours. There is no pattern to emerge. All shades are essential. One colour may seem obscure, dull, pointless to another but when together they form the contrast and give us the clarity and definition.

So never fear that you are not famous, acknowledged, respected by the community or are not at the top of the ladder. As you know, those that are in these positions are on their own journey and have much to learn also.

You are where you are.

You are what you are and you are progressing.

What you need to learn, you will be offered the opportunities. Not once but many times if you require it. The lessons are all important. There is not a ladder of lessons that we all progress through and that is why it is pointless to compare yourself with those that project themselves as more spiritually aware than you because of their recent lessons or truth uncovered.

Your life and your lessons are unique to you. Use the tools of religion, practices and philosophies to propel you along your path. We are all travelling towards the one goal, whatever or whoever we choose to travel with to get there is, though personally empowering, a personal choice nonetheless. We will be attracted to that or those that offer us what it is we most need or wish to learn. Eastern, western, primitive, …all may be or none may be useful to you. Be familiar with all or none, your lessons will come to you as needed. You cannot avoid them although you can delay them.


Avoiding Intimacy


How-to-Deal-with-Fear                             Picture from

When I was a child, any form of emotional expression was frowned upon or ridiculed. My parents did not express affection for each other. I feel I was not allowed to express love or high emotions for the shame of it. I have a fear of speaking out in public and losing friendships, of being shamed and abandoned.  The fear exists to protect me; yet it’s also ACTING on this fear without THINKING that creates the exact thing I hope to avoid.

I experienced the perfect example of this on Facebook (surprise, surprise) last week. In one of the groups I am in I decided to start a Healing circle for Earth and the people to help us during our ascension. But I had never done this before and felt unsure of myself. I now alllow that this was in fact the right thing to do..I needed/ wanted to observe somebody doing it first to learn. My new friend Sharon did the first month and we are close so we shared the went beautifully.

However then I missed the post by Sharon asking about Month 2 and another woman stepped up. Because I didn’t step up before this and own my own healing circle that I instigated, I allowed it to be taken over by this woman with a different agenda (her own, which was nothing about the planet Earth). Then I fluffed around like a bee trying to influence, coax, question and try to bring the circle back to its original intention of connecting with Mother Earth. I failed at doing this because she did not listen at all and chose to respond only to the words that she wanted to hear, but I also felt (and probably looked) foolish…Like I was being egotistical and taking over without really taking over. LikeI was trying to take credit which I instinctively knew to be unhelpful. I even undermined the facilitator in a way by not participating (she had taken the whole thing online live streaming and I thought that was ridiculous.

I am ashamed of my actions and behaviour and it showed me so much of my insecurities. I wish it wasn’t also public but that’s how it is. I spent the next few days in shock and crying and asking my angels and guides for help…what is this? Why is it all affecting me so much? I needed to understand it!

It came to me in my garden: “I do not give myself permission to be accepted, let alone to be seen.”

I have realised I have a core negative belief that I am unworthy…but I kind of think that’s a cop out one, regardless of it being true. there are different forms of feeling unworthy. In my case, I feel unworthy if friendship and keeping friends when I find them (They’ll find out the true me is boring, uninteresting, not worthy of true friendship and leave me). This actually did happen to me when I was about 10. My best friend (my only true friend, abandoned me for another girl in my year. I walked around the playground alone, sometimes watching them feeling intense humiliation, shame and sadness. I fear this and so I prevent it form happening by moving around, leaving my work places and not revealing or sharing myself fully with people, even close friends. I do not keep my old friends like other people. I let them go completely when I move on. I always say in my head well, they won’t last anyway…and when things get tricky or complicated, I jump ship and leave.

This is so sad! I want friends, I can’t live my life avoiding them because of a fear they may leave me. Friends only get closer as we get to know each other. Don’t jeopardise them. Love them , accept them. Be open and loving. This is what I tell myself. And in one sense I fully accept this. Yet, something will happen (like the other night on Facebook) where I could see myself getting emotional, over-reacting, becoming more and more intensely insecure and worried that I created more and more of these feelings and probably really DID make people move away from me. It is all so crazily sad.

II have also given up on my sister, she is far too taxing. I apologise for not being there for her but she was also not there for me when I needed her. My whole family dismissed me and my ideas, thoughts, emotions and opinions. I mostly spent time alone cultivating my own imaginary games and creative play.

Having said all this, acknowledging and validating my legitimate need for safety (given my past models and experiences) and maybe even how I am wired can maybe make it easier for me to become more expansive in how I relate to others. Opening up is intriguing.

Understanding my experience and working on feeling accepting and comfortable that I am where i am for good and understandable reasons can be calming  and affirming and might help me find new ways to open.

I ask for help from my guides and angels to shift your perspective and work on letting go of the shame, anxiety, and at times self-hate that make me avoid intimacy and expressions of emotions. Particularly the avoidance of long term friendships and connecting on a soul level. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why people don’t connect emotionally:

  1. Blurred Boundaries:  If you grew up feeling unsafe, surrounded by chaos, upheaval, and loss, or if you experienced these painful scenarios in previous relationships, it’s possible that you over-control and guard your boundaries and your routine in order to feel safe.
  1. Guardedeness;  A childhood of little to non-existent emotional involvement from caregivers? Or did you have that kind of experience with previous partners? If so, you may have internalised rigid patterns and routines, employing them in your own life to protect yourself from the intense feelings that would otherwise be evoked if you allowed in intimacy.
  1. Trauma: At another time in your life, you may have been emotionally engaged. Then bad things happened.If trauma remains under-treated, it can affect and often pollute your hopes and expectations for the future. Your trauma may have made it seem a safer decision to avoid emotional relationships rather than risking the reenactment of trauma in a future relationship.
  1. Natural State of Being: You may not be drawn to relationships, and may just enjoy cultivating your individuality.There are people who intellectually understand the idea of commitment, but just don’t feel interested in pursuing this kind of emotional intimacy at this stage. note; if there is a partner involved, it is important to communicate about this issue.
  1. Intense, Un-meetable Need: feeling intensely, overwhelmingly needy. You recognise it is so intense that you retreat from others so as not to burden them with it.You don’t see how you can love yourself given the intensity of your needs and you can’t imagine that anyone else could love you, so you try your hardest avoid relationships altogether so as not to subject yourself to the shame                          – or Two, you may recognise your intensity of need. This self-experience and self-awareness may have stemmed from having a very needy  mother (etc) growing up who imposed that neediness on you. On a deep level, you may be aware that being attentive to someone else’s needs would mean putting your own needs second, which you already spent a good portion of your life doing, so you retreat to protect yourself. Or, you might feel repelled by the idea of tending to the needs of someone else primarily because your caregivers overwhelmed you with their neediness.

I got a lot of this from this very helpful page if you would like to read more:


Channelled Message 23.04.2016


Nurture your trees and your Earth. For it is what sustains your health and vitality.

Give to them your ear for it is from them that the wisest wisdom is shared. Taste of the knowledge from that which grows up from the ground. It reaches up against the force pushing it down. You can learn from that.


Hopping along like rabbits without thinking.


Dragging your feet, hding, looking for ways to avoid stepping into your truth, to your power.

What is it that you are afraid of?

What will happen if you are seen?

What will happen if you raise your voice and scream and shout?

There is truth and honesty in you just seedling out to your family. They are open to it and trust you. Never fear their judgment. They do not judge.

When one steps into her power, others notice. They give way and yield. You will find things happening automatically even though you didn’t ask for it. People (their spirit) are in awareness because you give them knowledge.

Seak your truth always. Yes, small talk is annoying and fills you with anxiety but sometimes it is a necessary evil to reach the next level with a person.


You have great fortitude. Really. You are very strong inside and you have great ability to lend calm, truth, respect from others. They sense it you more than you!


You are loved and those around you sense your power, your integrity and your love, deep truthful love. Never fear that you are being false. You are no longer false when you are kind to someone.

Bring those with you that you despise. They are you too.

Creating Paradise on Earth

I’ve been learning that apparently I can create realities in the Ether and bring them back to Earth (Pamela Aaralyn) I don’t honestly know how I can do this yet (on a conscious level) but I do find myself moving my hands and opening my eyes more when I heal  people in order to ‘see’ what I’m doing. last week I found myself working and turning a friend’s chakra vortexes from both sides(front and back of her body) cleansing and purifying and extracting unnecessary ‘debris’ (for want of a better word. I can only explain this with my mind and limited language after…at the time, I am in an altered state although aware of what’s happening around me. All very unusual and exciting!

I found this today and it makes perfect sense to me. I love the connotations.

Excerpt from “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth”

by Dolores Cannon

Dolores’ questions are in italics and the client’s super-conscious reply is in plain type.

If we keep each of our universe-selves at peace, and we keep it in balance, then we are passing the test. Then we can withstand anything. And those things that are happening in the world are really to test the whole; all of us.

You mean to not get caught up into the fear?

Yes. Turn the TV off. Don’t listen to it. Don’t read the paper. Don’t get caught up in it. Your world is what you create here. (Touched her body again)

In your own body.

Yes. In your own space here. This is your own universe here. If every person creates peace and harmony in their own universe, then that’s the universe they’re creating in that fifth dimensional Earth. The more people who can create peace and harmony in this body universe, the more people who will be in that fifth dimensional new Earth. The ones who can’t create peace and harmony in this body universe, are not passing the test. That’s the test.

We’re trying to do this to keep the war from happening, or to lessen it anyway.

I’m being told that it doesn’t matter what happens because it’s all a game. It’s all a play. And the things that are happening are there for a reason. And the reason at the moment is to test each human being to find out where they are in their own evolution. And so if we hold peace and light here (the body), we don’t have to worry about whether there’s a war or not. It’s only an illusion anyway.

But right now it seems very real, and it could have some very disastrous effects.

Yes, but that’s fear for each individual. Our job is to help each individual find peace here (the body). And then, of course, as you bring more people together, who have peace and harmony within their own body universe, then instead of the blackness spreading, that spreads. And that creates this whole new world. All you need to do is focus here (the body) creating your heaven on Earth. Each human being creating their own paradise on Earth. That’s all you have to do. And coming together with others who are creating their own paradise on Earth. And then expanding that energy out. And before you know it, you’ve changed the world. You don’t even think about the world. What you focus on is what you create. Think about peace. The main thing people have to understand is that, what they focus on expands. So, if they focus on, if they can replace predictions with something that is wonderful that they want, and expand that. Then they can create their own Paradise on Earth.

And I’m being shown in your book The Convoluted Universe (Book 1), you give a description of thought. I’m being told to remind you about this. You talk about an energy ball the size of a grapefruit. And that ball has energy strands. And I’m changing this as I go. Energy strands which go over each other and transverse each other. And those energy strands can do anything they like. They can split, and they can become four energy strands. They can weave. They can multiply. They can go backwards. They can zip up. They can do absolutely anything. And this is the ball of possibility. When you think a thought, it doesn’t just disappear. It becomes an energy strand. It becomes energy. It moves into that ball of possibility. So, imagine your thought becoming energy. And the more energy you give it, the stronger that becomes. And then it manifests, and it becomes real. It becomes physical. If you send a thought out that there’s going to be peace. And then you follow it with, “Oh, but that war is getting worse,” or “Those politicians are making a mistake.” You weaken the energy: the positive strand you brought out. So we have to teach people to send out the positive thought, and then to reinforce it with more positive thoughts. And we have to teach them that when one of those negative thoughts comes into their mind, not to just let it go, but to replace it with a positive thought. So that they’re adding to that energy ball of possibility. They’re contributing to it. We have to teach them to do that. They do not know how to do that.

And, everyone is working to change the Earth. And the driving force must come from love and service.”

That was an excerpt from “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth” by DoloresCannon

Honeycomb pattern: Sacred Geometry

Sometimes during and just after meditation or when I am really focussed inwards. I see a pale golden honeycomb pattern on my white walls or ceiling (Only if I am looking at a pale, flat surface).


The first time I saw this my eyes were slightly unfocussed and I wondered why on earth the painters that painted the ceilings left a grid of yellow paint as an undercoat! When I focussed my eyes (unglazed them basically) on the actual surface with more attention I realised it wasn’t there at all. I managed to switch between the two to assure myself it was really there but also not really there at all…(insert Twilight Zone riff here)

My Google search came up with a lot of “go check your eyes”and sadly…I did! There’s nothing wrong with my physical eyes.

I believe that by allowing yourself into the absolute present moment your mind is being tuned to see the vibratory patterns of all waves and particles (everything) around you. Cymatically:



Soul Retrieval for an uninitiated Shaman?

I am experiencing profound changes and I am also analysing and taking notes on what is happening to me throughout these changes. Here’s one more example…


The latest is a distance healing session in which the spirit of the person I was sending healing to (Ashati and Seicham) entered into my energetic body. I received a state of knowing “She is outside of herself” and “She thought she was losing her_____ but she lost herself instead”. I saw she had slightly shifted out of the physical body…still there, just slightly to the left.

I was in such a state of calm that I allowed this spirit to share my body (Very unusual for me). I started shaking off and releasing both with my body and my voice pent up frustration, fear and anger. Quite dramatic! Then I felt the energy shift and suddenly I was an older woman who was gently patting parts of the person’s “body’ to help her re-enter her own body. She was saying (through me) things like “Can you feel that? That’s your shoulder. Doesn’t that feel good? etc”

I told this woman to do yoga and feel her body and get out into nature , plant a tree..just feel the Earth. I channelled a message that all the health problems she had been dealing with lately were because she had “left the building’ (through it being too painful to stay in emotionally) and the body is not meant to function without spirit.

It was an amazing experience. I actually didn’t know at all what was happening at first: I thought a guide had entered to do the healing and the woman’s grandmother had come to help. But when I went searching online I found the words I was missing from Sandra Ingerman: soul-loss and the connection to shamanism. An idea has been born!


Soul Retrieval  by Sandra Ingerman

            Imagine yourself sitting in a circle with members of your community. You have gathered together to support one community member who is suffering from a traumatic experience. You know that if one person is suffering and is ill it effects the entire community. So you have come to help hold the space for healing to happen.
            It is dark and the stars are shining bright in the night sky. The air is still. Everyone feels held in the loving arms of the universe and there is no doubt that healing will happen for all gathered here.
            The shaman begins to drum and dance calling the power of the universe to her as she puts her egoic self aside and becomes an empty vessel that fills with the help of the spirits.
            The client lies quietly in the center breathing deeply to be in a receptive state to receive back his lost soul; his lost vitality.
            The shaman sings her journey out loud as she tracks down where the soul has fled. And on finding it returns and blows it deeply into the heart of the client filling the entire body with the light of life.
            There is a great joy for all as one heals all are healed. The community is now whole again and can be in peace and harmony.
            The work is done.