Soul Retrieval for an uninitiated Shaman?

I am experiencing profound changes and I am also analysing and taking notes on what is happening to me throughout these changes. Here’s one more example…


The latest is a distance healing session in which the spirit of the person I was sending healing to (Ashati and Seicham) entered into my energetic body. I received a state of knowing “She is outside of herself” and “She thought she was losing her_____ but she lost herself instead”. I saw she had slightly shifted out of the physical body…still there, just slightly to the left.

I was in such a state of calm that I allowed this spirit to share my body (Very unusual for me). I started shaking off and releasing both with my body and my voice pent up frustration, fear and anger. Quite dramatic! Then I felt the energy shift and suddenly I was an older woman who was gently patting parts of the person’s “body’ to help her re-enter her own body. She was saying (through me) things like “Can you feel that? That’s your shoulder. Doesn’t that feel good? etc”

I told this woman to do yoga and feel her body and get out into nature , plant a tree..just feel the Earth. I channelled a message that all the health problems she had been dealing with lately were because she had “left the building’ (through it being too painful to stay in emotionally) and the body is not meant to function without spirit.

It was an amazing experience. I actually didn’t know at all what was happening at first: I thought a guide had entered to do the healing and the woman’s grandmother had come to help. But when I went searching online I found the words I was missing from Sandra Ingerman: soul-loss and the connection to shamanism. An idea has been born!


Soul Retrieval  by Sandra Ingerman

            Imagine yourself sitting in a circle with members of your community. You have gathered together to support one community member who is suffering from a traumatic experience. You know that if one person is suffering and is ill it effects the entire community. So you have come to help hold the space for healing to happen.
            It is dark and the stars are shining bright in the night sky. The air is still. Everyone feels held in the loving arms of the universe and there is no doubt that healing will happen for all gathered here.
            The shaman begins to drum and dance calling the power of the universe to her as she puts her egoic self aside and becomes an empty vessel that fills with the help of the spirits.
            The client lies quietly in the center breathing deeply to be in a receptive state to receive back his lost soul; his lost vitality.
            The shaman sings her journey out loud as she tracks down where the soul has fled. And on finding it returns and blows it deeply into the heart of the client filling the entire body with the light of life.
            There is a great joy for all as one heals all are healed. The community is now whole again and can be in peace and harmony.
            The work is done.


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