Honeycomb pattern: Sacred Geometry

Sometimes during and just after meditation or when I am really focussed inwards. I see a pale golden honeycomb pattern on my white walls or ceiling (Only if I am looking at a pale, flat surface).


The first time I saw this my eyes were slightly unfocussed and I wondered why on earth the painters that painted the ceilings left a grid of yellow paint as an undercoat! When I focussed my eyes (unglazed them basically) on the actual surface with more attention I realised it wasn’t there at all. I managed to switch between the two to assure myself it was really there but also not really there at all…(insert Twilight Zone riff here)

My Google search came up with a lot of “go check your eyes”and sadly…I did! There’s nothing wrong with my physical eyes.

I believe that by allowing yourself into the absolute present moment your mind is being tuned to see the vibratory patterns of all waves and particles (everything) around you. Cymatically:



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