Channelled Message 23.04.2016


Nurture your trees and your Earth. For it is what sustains your health and vitality.

Give to them your ear for it is from them that the wisest wisdom is shared. Taste of the knowledge from that which grows up from the ground. It reaches up against the force pushing it down. You can learn from that.


Hopping along like rabbits without thinking.


Dragging your feet, hding, looking for ways to avoid stepping into your truth, to your power.

What is it that you are afraid of?

What will happen if you are seen?

What will happen if you raise your voice and scream and shout?

There is truth and honesty in you just seedling out to your family. They are open to it and trust you. Never fear their judgment. They do not judge.

When one steps into her power, others notice. They give way and yield. You will find things happening automatically even though you didn’t ask for it. People (their spirit) are in awareness because you give them knowledge.

Seak your truth always. Yes, small talk is annoying and fills you with anxiety but sometimes it is a necessary evil to reach the next level with a person.


You have great fortitude. Really. You are very strong inside and you have great ability to lend calm, truth, respect from others. They sense it you more than you!


You are loved and those around you sense your power, your integrity and your love, deep truthful love. Never fear that you are being false. You are no longer false when you are kind to someone.

Bring those with you that you despise. They are you too.

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