Channelled Messages


Channelled messages from 2009! Just found them again…sadly still relevant.


Be more like the ocean- fluid, effortlessly adapting to the shape , size and texture of it’s environment. Supporting other life, giving off and cleansing. Be transparent with your emotions and don’t attempt to hide your true nature. Expose yourself, for it is when we do this, people respond in kind and we are rewarded with a new level of intimacy.

Nurture and feed the land, the environment and all of humanity. For it as a race that you move forward- in unison. We can make it easier by supporting each other , particularly if the times are hard but always be considerate and loving towards all others.

Develop a sense of belonging and then you will more easily develop your empathy, your compassion and you will instinctively know how to help when it is within your ability to do so.

We could do worse than to imagine ourselves as the bees.

We are all busy buzzing around on our own paths, doing our own thing but we are all trying to reach the same goal. We are all travelling together, all working as one but differently. Which is why it is futile to think of yourself as above or below another simply because of your profession.

Every path is the right path. Every soul has it’s own unique journey and like a tapestry we weave together to form a complete and perfect whole.

None of the threads are of less importance. The menial tasks are of the same weight of thread. The gym instructor, the garbage collector and the president of the United States. All are of the essence of humanity, all are serving their purpose in the pattern. This is why it is futile to feel yourself above or below others because of your profession. Some have no profession but serve an important purpose nonetheless. To serve, to offer up to others is not to be below but to be of a different coloured thread in the multicoloured tapestry.

What we need to remember is to give of ourselves with unconditional love when it is required of us and to accept the sacrifices of others. Just support and encourage them.

We are all doing different things, we have different things to learn and we bring back the knowledge to the group to share.

And so it is that one’s lessons or learning affect the whole.

For in fact you are the whole and not parts of it.

To give of yourself , no matter what or where your particular talents lie.

That is all that is asked.

All facets of humanity are required to allow the pattern to be formed. Without the darker shades or the nondescript or background colours. There is no pattern to emerge. All shades are essential. One colour may seem obscure, dull, pointless to another but when together they form the contrast and give us the clarity and definition.

So never fear that you are not famous, acknowledged, respected by the community or are not at the top of the ladder. As you know, those that are in these positions are on their own journey and have much to learn also.

You are where you are.

You are what you are and you are progressing.

What you need to learn, you will be offered the opportunities. Not once but many times if you require it. The lessons are all important. There is not a ladder of lessons that we all progress through and that is why it is pointless to compare yourself with those that project themselves as more spiritually aware than you because of their recent lessons or truth uncovered.

Your life and your lessons are unique to you. Use the tools of religion, practices and philosophies to propel you along your path. We are all travelling towards the one goal, whatever or whoever we choose to travel with to get there is, though personally empowering, a personal choice nonetheless. We will be attracted to that or those that offer us what it is we most need or wish to learn. Eastern, western, primitive, …all may be or none may be useful to you. Be familiar with all or none, your lessons will come to you as needed. You cannot avoid them although you can delay them.


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