Shamanic EarthWalks Training- Week 1

Yesterday was my first session with Heather. “Shamanic Earth-Walks Training –  Training to assist you to walk your path more consciously and confidently, and to guide others to do the same.”

It was such a magical, mystical experience. My first journey, I met my power animals of the 4 directions and I learned about the sacred circle as a map to my own life. Here is my first Sacred Circle:

IMG_7097Firstly, Wattle bird followed us down to the spot on the rocks overlooking the harbour. He sat in a branch and ‘clock, clock’ed every so often. It was such a wonderful welcome.

We sat on a rock at Balls Head Point (Heather calls it “Whale Tail point” overlooking Sydney Harbour and Heather unpacked her magical tools: anointing oils, water from the Artesian basin (her home), water from Peru, sage wrapped up, crystals, something to offer the land (eg Crystal wand) a wisdom stick (to show me, not to use) and smudging bowl.

Pre: Shamanism is an ancient wisdom that says that everyone is connected.Everything holds a certain vibration and shamans tap into these vibrations to communicate with nature: with both animate and inanimate things. It has its foundation in the belief in Animism. Everything comes in cycles and seasons. Shamans are teachers, healers and guides.

We sat and talked about the sacred circle and its purpose: to be a map for my life.

We went through each direction and I was asked to find something nearby that represented each direction (a yellow leaf for East/beginnings, a stick for North/commitment, dragonfly pendant for west/  connection and pine cone/horse for South /clarity/mind)

Heather lead me around the circle and explained the meaning of each direction..I was asked to name/ allow the animal for each direction. I just allowed an animal to come and she asked me why I said the animal. I found this wonderfully insightful afterwards. At the time, I just allowed and voiced what I felt.

East: Whale: submersible- can go to great depths, has a beautiful song. Big, strong and gentle

North: Bear: can hibernate and when slowed down can be in flow! Protective mother bear. Fierce when needed but otherwise, minding her own business

West: Dragon/ dragonfly: Powerful but fragile. Gentle, fleeting, water based.

South: Horse: can live in both worlds of spirituality and materialism. Horse is agile and can adapt easily between the two worlds: spirituality (free, wild, brumbies) and the material world or work, money and responsibilities (the workhorse, domesticated). Horse is clever and has an agile mind as well. Horse always comes home. (Sadly, I initially tried to reject Horse as I couldn’t think of any connection)

Heather asked me to identify where they were in relation to me and I knew! Thinking about this later I realise I was sitting in the Heart.

Next we talked about things that may be holding me back. We talked about what I really want: my intention for starting this journey” To be authentically me. To be able to express myself. Holding me back is the feeling of not being able to let myself be accepted, let alone seen. Like I do;t belong and am unwanted, a nuisance and awkward because what I say can be silly and ridiculed.

We talked about the elements of Earth, fire, water and air and I allowed a version of each if these to show itself to me. This is ME:

Fire: slow burning ember, small flames after a fire. Warm (people come to it for warmth) heart felt

Wind: steady and good flow. Strong and steady, does not slow but can move easily around obstacles.

Water: steady rain or steady flowing river over rock bed: washing, flowing : not too fast  and not too slow: steady, refreshing, lovely sound.

Earth: the desert (or the bush?) Majestic and awesome.

The next day I did a meditation and asked my 4 new power animals to show me more about themselves and their relationship to me. How we may work together? I decided to listen to Heather’s advice about not researching the animals yet…I will do that during the week.

Here is what happened:

First The whale came and I saw a massive eye at level to my eye. Then she opened her mouth and I climbed in! She took me down, down, down deep into the ocean. I felt a little nervous as I kept thinking I would not be able to swim back up alive (one of my fears about water depths). Then she opened her mouth!! I fell out and found myself swimming easily..I swam over her body and ran my hands along her back, feeling the barnacles and ridges. We swam and played and then eventually swan gently to the surface (I lay on her back as she came up.)

Whale will help me go to the depths of my emotions safely and help me to come back again safely. I can call on her when I want to really feel, connect with my emotions, heal past hurts and understand myself better. (I tried this later on regarding a sadness with my family (siblings and parents) and it was beautiful. She is gentle and loving.

Whale: Inward: navigate emotions. Outward: The Dreamer.

Next I waited for Bear. She came in a gentle sway and stopped as we looked at each other.She turned around and I climbed on her back.  We went flying off in to the sky which was a bit of a shock. Now I understand why I mentioned ‘constellations in the north sky” to Heather when I nominated Bear for the North. then we came home and I disembarked.

Bear can take me travelling throughout the Universe. I can call on her for Astral travelling safely as she will bring me home safely. She will help me to find places and others in the ether.

Bear: Inward: Navigate the Ether safely. Outward: The Healer

Next I turned West and waited for the dragonfly. The dragon came instead…again, a huge eye on a head that swung around swiftly and with an unusual movement. I was ready for a ride but instead the dragon lay down and I was invited to snuggle next to it, curled up and protected. I realised our hearts were one. I was the dragon at one point! I felt very loved and protected and cared for by this mighty, massive and powerful dragon. It was like I had come home.

I can call on the dragon to connect with my heart and feel safe in all situations. The dragon and I will work closely together. I feel we have worked together for a very long time. We are one.

Dragon: Inward: Love and protection. Outward: The Teacher

Lastly I turned South (it was hard to leave the dragon). I saw Horse who walked up to me from a distance. She was beautiful and brown. When she got to me we connected . Then she turned around and walked off the way she had come! I was a little confused but then I followed her. She lead me over many different terrains: across deserts and plains, bushland, sandy beaches, up and down and around treacherous mountains. At times she would walk around something instead of going straight through I didn’t know why, but I kept close and followed her. Sometimes she trotted and sometimes she ran and at all times I stayed right behind her. She kept me safe and on path.

Horse will guide me safely through my life. I can call on her and trust her to lead me on the right path. She works for my highest good and my highest intentions for she knows my heart.

Horse: Inward: Navigate Life with wisdom and logic. Outward:The Warrior.

I am so grateful to each Spirit Animal who has come to help me on my path and also toHeather for helping me to discover and connect with them. I love you spirit animals and look forward to learning more about you and working with you in future.


Heather’s website:



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