Wolf is my Power animal.

I love her with all my heart.

Once, when I was out bushwalking in the Blue Mountains I got lost. I was absolutely out of my mind with worry…noises were coming out of my mouth that I didn’t recognise: pure panic noises. I was running back and forth along tracks to find the side path that would lead me home. I was trying to re-trace and retrace again over and over until I was no longer thinking clearly and panic had set in. It must have been hours lost.

I stumbled upon FOX who jumped a metre in the air then ran off. He was telling me to use my wily mind and get back to some sense. But I could not. He only slowed me down for a second or two before I kept running.

As I was running up a hill I stopped suddenly in my tracks…a big wolf was sitting serenely at the top of the track. She turned her head calmly to look at me and then turned back to look the way she was facing. She stood up on all fours pointing East and then looked at me again. I followed her gaze and saw it was the track home.

I slowly walked up and past her, never breaking eye contact. She was very big and powerful and I must admit I was a little nervous passing so close to her…but yet I was also still in shock and so relieved to see the track and deep inside I knew this was something beyond the normal. I walked down the steep track and kept looking back to see if she was coming…she just looked on calmly. When I got to the bottom of the track there was a river. I bent down and gestured and offered her a drink. ‘Would you like a drink?’ But she just looked on and slowly blinked kindly. I walked home.

I told everyone this story..It is an unbelievable one yet everyone believed me.

My Spiritualist Teacher was once giving me a reading when she suddenly loudly exclaimed “You’ve seen your Spirit Guide! …In real Life!” It was then the intuitive thought that this was a spiritual animal guardian was confirmed. I did nit know the name “power animal’ at that time.

This memory keeps resurfacing lately as I come to a real understanding of just how close my dear wolf is to me. Right by my right side…always.

Tonight I remembered something else…in 2007 Herve and I and the girls moved to London for a year’s travel experience (working and schooling and travelling on weekends and holidays). One day we visited WildWoods Animal Park in Canterbury. To this day I still LOVE that place. The special memory I have is that when we got close to the wolf enclosure all the wolves started howling. We thought it was amazing and I had tingles all over my body listening to the sound. It was so intensely beautiful and haunting. I just couldn’t get over it and didn’t want to leave. Just now I went searching for the photos of that time and discovered to my delight that I had taken a video to capture the magic.

Now I entertain the thought that the wolves were howling to me, in recognition. The wolf in this video is the same colouring and size of the wolf I met on my walk in the mountains.

They even look at me (in the video). How utterly beautiful and amazing.

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