Distance Healing: travelling the Ether

Every week I do distance Healing with my friend Sharon who lives in WA.

IMG_1751Each week is different. I am learning so much about healing. Sometimes I ‘see’ the energy, sometimes I’m moving and turning energy and sometimes I’m just sitting still and allowing the  flow of energy. I’m learning to feel the chakras more (Chakras are small vortexes that rest on the surface of your etheric double -see my pic above. Their two functions are to absorb and distribute prana/Chi/energy to the etheric and physical bodies and unite the fourth dimensional, astral world with your physical body.) We often get messages but not always.

Last night I felt that we both entered another dimension. When I went to Sharon’s chakras for healing I was directed to just simply place it between my “very warm” hands and visualise it (on all of your energetic layers [physical, etheric, emotional etc] and surrounded by its physical body parts) in perfect, Divine health.

That’s all. Just ‘capture’ all of this woman in her divine perfection.

I got the ‘knowing’ that in the place we both were, we could simply BE in perfect, Divine health on all levels.

Then I simply brought that vision back with us into the 3D.

I’m sure this isn’t the end game but I’m getting goosebumps writing this. It’s so perfectly simple.

Edit: I just listened to this…Unbelievable how the Universe conspires to teach you what you need to know, when you need to know it. Archangel Michael


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