My Sacred Circle-Shamanism wk 1

_DSC_1667 2

This is my Sacred Circle. It is a map of where I stand at this time. It helps me to navigate myself and also helps me to better connect and communicate with my allies and helpers in the Spirit World. It includes the 4 cardinal directions and all that they encapsulate, what is Above and what is Below, What is Within and what is Without.

I really enjoyed making it.  It took me many hours (an a few versions)  but I treated the process as a sacred prayer.

The strangest thing that came to me after finishing this circle is when I thought “Where do I put God?” I originally thought I would represent God as a massive Sun above everything. But that didn’t make sense because that would mean God is separate to me and anyway, I already had a Grandfather Sun.

Then I noticed my vortex right in the middle looked like an eye and the answer of where and what is God came to me, something I have known for many years now…I am.

I AM the flame in the fire of Existence.

I AM the snowflake in the snowfall of BEING.

I AM the drop of water in the ocean of LIFE.


I am part of but holding the essence of all that it.

Yet what is a drop of water anyway? Does it not contain all of the elements of water? Is it not indistinguishable from all of the other drops? And what is an ocean but millions and millions of drops. That is all it is…a multitude of drops of water. A drop of water may be experiencing itself in an ocean..maybe slapping around on the surface or gently swaying at the bottom of a deep underwater canyon. It might be cresting a wave or lapping a beach. It might be being sucked into  the gills of a lake fish  or being sucked up a tree or going down the throat of a wolf or lying in a dish under a pot plant. It may be lying still in a stagnant pond or flying through the air down a waterfall. It might be flowing in a river or bubbling over stones on a shallow stream. However it is experiencing itself, it is always water and it is always changing, for it is water and that is its essence.

A drop of water is inseparable. It does not last long on it’s own for it dries out and evaporates and condenses..back to the rhythm of life…so it is not separable after all.

If you were to separate a snowflake and look at it under a microscope, you would see its uniqueness…the delicacy of its patterns and design. But if you were t analyse it and break it into its is exactly the same as all the other unique snowflakes. Each holds the blueprint, the DNA, the codes of the thing we call’s entirety.

I wish I could add the Soul Light above my head..not sure where to put it. The part of me that exists in Infinity.

Thank you Sacred Circle.

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