Shamanic Course Week 2

Wow, just wow!. Another incredible week but so different from the last week.

It makes perfect sense to me. This week I watched  a video by Alberto Villoldo about the way to enlightenment “begins by healing ourselves: by cleaning the toxic sludge and debris inside each of our chakras. Who we were, how we were hurt and who we hurt that define our identity. Without the stories, we no longer have our history and are no longer bound to the causality of our karma.”

Then I can step in to my calling.

chakras affected by trauma and suffering.

I want my chakras to glow with its true nature. I can not be a pure channel of light if my chakras and aura is murky and clogged and stale. I will not be a powerful healer, teacher and guide unless I am not wounded myself. Victims, anger, not being good enough, etc so I can get to meet the jaguar.

I love that I feel the hidden world of my chakras is being revealed, cleansed and healed. That my stories are coming forth into the light.

As an aside: I wanted to eat straight afterwards…so there’s one clue to my weight gain over the last few years: I have not been happy or fulfilled for that long. I had already achieved what I went back to work to prove to myself (to show I was able to contribute, earn my own ‘good’ money and find appreciation and internal reward for helping those less fortunate than myself…tick, tick, tick, tick). But I’m still there. I have cut down my days to just 2 and I do love the friends I have met there.

“Beyond, Beyond, Go beyond the Beyond.” The Buddha

…and be a light unto myself.

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