Shamanic Dreaming Stick

This is my Dreaming Stick.

I started making it during a session with Heather (after releasing quite a lot of ancestral and family baggage). I finished it at home in my garden whilst listening to some Carlos Nakai music.

I was asked to describe what I would now become. To step into my new life and my power.

When I started making the Dreaming Stick, Heather used her drum and read back to me what I had written. It was like I was hearing it from far away and like it was the first time I had heard those words.

This is what I wrote:

I am Love. 
I am the Peacemaker
I am Unity and the expression of Universal Energy
I am the Creative Force of Life
I am the Creative Force of Love
I am the Weaver of Connections: I weave connections and community
I am friend weaver. I sew tapestry. The threads of people's lives
I am creating a new tapestry
I am weaver of the new taperstry of Life
I am Pink, Purple and Green Dragon
I am colourful
I am Guardian of Me and Mine
I am Earth's Child
I am sister to the birds
I am funnel for the bird's songs
I am Translator of the songs and the whispers and the calls from animals
I am Bird whisperer
I am singer. I am the Song
I am Alchemist

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