The Arcturians

My origin is Arcturian. Somehow news of this kept falling in to my lap from different sources until Pamela Aaralyn confirmed this and read up online for myself and found my truth. That makes me very, very old.

Starseed Purpose: The way Arcturians protect and guide Earth and its residents is different from other starseeds. While other starseeds have hands on practical approach, Arcturians starseeds prefer a hands off approach, they like to observe and guide from a distance. The Arturians have a live and let live state of mind. (Well, this explains why I have such a hard time getting up front and taking centre-stage and credit. People often push me there but it’s hard. It relieves me to here this…I do prefer to quietly write and paint and help people.)


I have bought”We, the Arcturians” but am still reading 2 other books about shamanism so I thought I’d read up online since I’m super interested. This is what I found. SO spot on! I love the fact that it all fits so perfectly with me…all the things I think are wrong about me are actually the things that help me (being a little too moralistic, getting upset with people’s low morals. Being quiet and reserved and difficult to speak (no good at small talk but fantastic at big issues of importance to me). Also I feel a relief of not having to be so vocal even though I am severely fighting this: I can just do my own thing which I love! Like painting and writing and just being creative and sharing it.

Taken from StarSeed Origins Guidance:

Arcturians are perfectionists to the core. They have a stubborn way of doing things, only because they know in their own minds that they have the right way of doing things. It isn’t that they don’t see where others coming from, it is just that they see a another way around stuff in life. They are very creative in writing, researching, and find a number of subjects at once, interesting. (Yes, this is a problem: last night I got a message/ reading that I should just choose one and go for it as I’m getting too distracted with everything)

They can easily be rubbed the wrong way immediately if someone is not on their level of intellect, or under their moral code. They have very high morals, and standards. Sometimes, they can prove to be a bit overly judgemental, but the funny thing is, they do not mean it to be hurtful. They aren’t trying to be judgemental in reality. The see right through people, even if others can’t, and they tell it how it is without sugar coating things or walking on eggshells. Arcturians hold a lot inside. They try to appear emotionless in front of others (This is why I need to express more and sear less…people say ‘be more authentic’ but actually they mean express what’s going on are authentic when you just be yourself), and that nothing bothers them, but in reality a lot of things bother them. They way people act, mistakes people can make, how others treat one another, people who do not care about respect, and people who take others for granted. Those are things that Arcturians can not stand. (My Goodness, all of this has caused me so much trouble in my life!)

They also will not believe in anything until they have picked it apart and researched it. (and so you should!) They are very sensitive to the environment. They try to fix others who are in trouble or living wrong, and put a lot of stresses on themselves. (😦)They want the world to be full of respect, and integrity, and if in a place where those things are non-existent in their own personal lives, they will feel overwhelmed, and withdraw. (wow!, just wow) They have to have time alone to re-center their thoughts. They often release frustrations by reading, studying, and writing.  (yep) With this race of souls, you find that they like to explore different cultures, and religions, and will be a know it all, when they speak with others.(Nope, too well aware of other no-it-alls and now do the opposite…I need to speak up more)  They will be very assertive when discussing important topics, and can shut any one down in a debate. (yep) They have strong points in conversations, and are great at teaching but have to have the right students. (OH SOOOO true!…but doesn’t everyone?) They do well in teaching people who are seeking a higher understanding, because their thoughts are too advanced for this environment that they have a hard time putting it into layman’s terms.(Not anymore, this is why I became a teacher…to learn how to teach)

They enjoy being at home, reading or looking stuff up online, watching something non-fiction like a documentary, or talking with relatives about enlightening topics. (haha, this is my life in a nutshell) They would do anything for anyone, and are a bit passive in that aspect. They have a hard time saying no to favours, where in other areas of their lives, they are strong and stubborn. (so true, this is how I got so distracted by my work. My competence was seen and more and more was put on me and I dint say no…I became exhausted, overweight and no longer as competent).

Arcturians are highly empathic. They are quiet people, with a mind full of philosophies and wisdom, that they obtain through studying and pondering over what they studied to give it a whole new meaning that makes more sense. (exactly whatI’m doing now with Shamanism and everything else in my life) They are bright souls and they like life on earth but feel very repelled by the lack of morals and respect going on today. However, they came here to help fix it, and strive so hard to do so. Their wisdom surpasses all of the starseeds, because they were the first to be trained by the angels, and spread the wisdom abroad in the stars to others who then spread the message as well. (OK, I’ll take this 🙂 It was a chain teaching. They are all about love, and are generous, loving, kind, and understanding people, who have no flaws really other than they are hard headed at times, but that is because they know more than some. (Aww, that’s lovely but actually I have many, many flaws as my Leo and Aries and other astrological factors combine with my family and ancestral and past life influences as well as personal experience such as my job and family and other people and learnings all affect my thinking and behaviour…although I’m trying to lose this and just be my SOUL rather than ego…love that poster shared by Sharon) 

Arcturians are highly intelligent beings, who value creation, and work with energy on all levels even if they do not know it. They absorb it, direct it, and obtain information from it, without knowing they are doing so. (This is EXACTLY how Pamela described what I was doing with my aura constantly…even crashing the Skype video 5 times!) They see through people, and know when negativity has occurred somewhere. (oh yes) They are also masters at disguise and can blend in with any crowd as well as become invisible and unseen to others if they want to.(Ahuh, it’s both a blessing and a curse…way tooeasy to be unseen when I feel shy) That means all they have to do is wish to go unseen, and people will not recognize them. That is a common trait among angels and Pleiadians too. Arcturians have also a distaste for violence. It really bothers them, so they will not watch the news much. (days and days after affected…even years!) They are hard to figure out and more than likely they seem mysterious to people from afar. Those who are close to them will also find that they are harder to figure out in mentality and emotional structures. Arcturians are truly indeed highly advanced which makes them a bit rough around the edges while being incarnated here. (This is how my best friend describes me “I’m so in awe of you and always want to be with you but you but I haven’t figured you out you out at all, you keep surprising me)

Taken from: Through the Arcturian Corridor

Arcturus is a red supergiant star 36.7 light years from Earth in the constellation of Bootes. It is the fourth brightest star in the sky, outshone only by Sirius, Canopus and Alpha Centauri. The name Arcturus is translated as “Guardian of the Bear” due to our nearness to the sky Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. (now I see even more why I think of my Northern Bear in my sacred circle as my way to ride up into the stars and travel the ether.)

“We the Arcturians, as well as you, the members of the Planetary Ascension Team, are committed to utilising the force of Unconditional Love to assist Gaia in fulfilling her Divine Plan to become a fifth dimensional planet of peace and love. The beloved members of the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and Antares, as well as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, the Angelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters, and the awakened members of Earth, have all joined together to assist Gaia in the fulfilment of Her transformation.    (WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The key to your personal ascension is inner peace and unconditional love, specifically love of your physical body. Your earth vessel allows you to create your reality with your thoughts and to feel the wondrous emotions of joy and love. We are happy to remind you at this time that the emotions of love and joy have the ability to calibrate your consciousness to your highest possible frequency. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light.  We are always available to assist anyone who desires to be a planner and designer of your impending new reality.

Oh My Goodness! I have had this vortex in my vision for one and a half years. Whenever I asked, I got answers like “vortex”, ‘portal’ or ‘tunnel’. And that I would know what to do when the time is right. Pamela Aaralyn told me to start working in the hypnagogic state, set my intentions to explore the vortex and go in with my guides. But I haven;t been able to. Now I finally read this document, that I have had on my Google Drive for months and never read down far enough to see this chapter….


!!!!!!! Oh…My…God! !!!!!!

Just read a bit more…very long and no way possible to read and do it. I will make an audio of it and post after asking for permission. How exciting…a new project.

Too much reading to learn in one life!



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