Spider Bite


So I went off the path and sat down in the bush. I got pricked on the finger but I assumed it was a sharp plant as there were many. Two days later my finger is purple and swollen. I did see a spider just before, small and black and living on the ground in a little hideaway tunnel..doctor said the finger bite and description was consistent with a funnel web spider!

On Friday morning when the pain was very bad I sat in my garden with crystals under my arms and lavender oil massaged into my lymph glands and did some hands on healing. Maggie came and perched above me to give me a healing song:

        Maggie’s song

There are 3 lessons from this:

  1. Stay true and on path (metaphorically)
  2. Stay on the path (physically) and respect the land and the ancestors of the land.
  3. Be more aware of surroundings and be alert to signs (leaches, ravens, spiky plants)

Looked it up online: When spider bites you, she is telling you to find your creative place on the web of life.

K, already!

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