Quantum Physics and Free Choice


Just watched “What the bleep do we know” Incredible! When you really stop and think about what this all means, it is utterly astounding!  

We are so conditioned to believe that the external world is more important and we have no control. It brings together many of the thoughts around ‘what is reality?’ that I have been pondering for many years with a more Eastern philosophical perspective which talks about the eye or the lens. You come to see that the EYE is the portal through which everything IS. Scientists have never been able to find the observer 🙂 in the body. Yet we all have experience of being the observer. ‘The consciousness that’s driving the machine.’ The I AM, the observer behind the personal identity and the thoughts and beliefs we carry.
Quantum physics shows that what’s happening within us is what’s creating what’s around us. When you’re not looking, there are waves of possibility (being many, in many places and experiencing many things simultaneously) and when you’re looking (choosing) it snaps into just one. Our limited awareness of this concept means that although the possibilities are endless, we only see/experience what we believe is possible, we match patterns (from our memory) to what we already believe. Our information determines how the world (our reality) behaves. To bring this back to the slit experiment, if we’re expecting a particle, then reality will behave as a particle, if we do not provide the measuring information, it’s free to be a wave.

So consciousness is FREE! We are always free to release the patterns of habits and memories and limiting self-beliefs and have FREE WILL and accept the unbelievable, the incredible and intangible by opening to the possibilities.

Your beliefs determine your reality.
Choose wisely!

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