Sacred Circle Mandala and Earth Walk

This week with Heather I was introduced to the use of Earth mandalas whilst employing the teachings of the Sacred Circle and archetypal symbols to support manifesting and intention. Then I performed my first ever “Earth Walk” to identify and interpret signs in nature and lastly I made a Blessing Stick which I journeyed with (Heather on drum and me on rattle) before I offered it to Mother Earth.  Completely magical and transforming experience. There so much in this session so I have not included everything that I wrote in my journal that day. I just want to always remember this.

The themes of this week was “Belonging” because that is the biggest limiting belief that I have at this time: that I don’t belong and am not accepted so remain unseen). This showed itself in the last two sessions (with Heather’s help).

First we performed our usual greeting ritual to all the directions of the SC, always special:

  • Within: child, adolescent, adult and wise woman
  • Directions: North, East, South and West (including the power animals, season, colour, word, element and human aspect of each).
  • Above: Angels, archangels, ascended masters, guides, ancestors, helpers and allies
  • Below: Spirit Animals, Mother Earth and the crystal and tree people, elementals etc
  • Without: the ancestors of the land (indigenous and Australian colonists etc), the winged and 4 legged creatures, the humans etc

(Heather is gently starting to have me join in as I remember more and more.)

After this we created the Space for our mandala in the earth by marking the dirt in our little nook. Then I wandered off into the bush to find one object to signify “belonging’ and 4 more objects to exemplify Belonging in each of the 4 directions. As well as plant matter and rocks etc. Each thing we took, Heather taught me to give “a hair or a prayer” and offer thanks.

Then we began the mandala. We sat around the mandala space and I placed the 4 objects in the correct direction. I identified how Belonging was presenting itself in each element: Body, mind, heart and Spirit.There were 4 steps in each direction. For each one I had to

  1. State the current “Wounded Heart” archetypal energy that I was feeling.
  2. Then state how it has actually enabled and helped me and what I am grateful for (The True Heart).
  3. After that I stated all the things that I wanted to draw forth to build my sense of belonging and
  4. Then had to make a commitment of action.

For example: For the North Direction, we look at the BODY

  • Wounded Heart: How is my feeling of lack of belonging showing itself in my body: I’m fair-skinned and blue-eyed Irish in a harsh Australian climate forcing me to protect my body and eyes and shield myself; I’m not comfortable in my skin,  I don’t really look after my body or even like it very much;  this planet and the people are strange and I’m different. Half of this I was consciously unaware I was carrying)
  • True Heart: What am I grateful for about my body? It has given me my daughters and enabled me to love and express love with my hands, arms and whole body. I am able to travel and get around wherever I want to go and see; My Irish ancestors have given me great skill with words and writing, a love of laughing and having fun.
  • What do I want to manifest? Self Love, body love, respect of body and nurturing
  • What actions will I take? eating healthy and nutritious food and eating less fatty and sugary foods etc.

We did this for each: Mind, Heart, Spirit.

After our mandala was completed, we went for an earth walk. This is a mindful and spiritual practise of intending to go for a short walk and be open to all signs and symbols as messages. We each took a staff and off we went. It was not long before we came upon many symbols and signs that spoke to me about Belonging. Too many to list here but the most amazing was when we stumbled upon a massive network of spiderwebs, all interconnecting and stretched across not just the path but the whole sky! Incredible message of community and making a web and a place for myself,We have the power to create what happens in our lives – to us and to others. But we must realise this. The choices we make coupled with our attitude – very powerful stuff. ( a week after being bitten by Spider made this more poignant)

Also saw 3 lizards, a butterfly, a camouflaged insect, a talking branch 🙂 and hiding rocks and a straight path laid out before me. I loved this wonderful walk. I have always felt silly reading signs in nature (everyone always made me feel silly when I mentioned my interpretation) It was the first time I was allowed, even encouraged to be fanciful and in fact, true to myself. I always see signs: Now I invite them in!

Then we came back and made a prayer stick from the found branches etc. We made this while humming. then we journeyed: Heather played the drum and I took up the rattle and we hummed and meditated on all we learned and experienced. It is very strange but a song came to me which I hummed out of nowhere and it was very Irish sounding. I felt a lot of ancestral love all around me, not just my own Irish ancestors but the Irish from the land we were standing on at Bald’s Head. Quite tingly. I remembered it on the walk hoe so I quickly recorded it on my phone.

Lastly, we made a sacred circle using crystals and we placed the prayer sticks on it. Then I shuffled and pulled cards and interpreted their meaning. They all made sense to me. They started to form the directions again so I was able to interpret them in each of the mind, body, spirt and heart areas. Amazingly insightful. My words were: GRACE, detail, discipline, balance and finally BOLDNESS. To go boldly knowing I am supported, loved and protected.


What an amazing experience! My heart is absolutely full of gratitude to Heather, Mother Earth, my ancestors and my and Heather’s guides.

Thank you for your wisdom dear Heather. I am forever grateful for finding you.

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