Triggers! …doing the work

I have come to the conclusion that just doing Ashati and reiki etc activations is just not good enough. I don’t care how good they make me feel and how ‘ascended’ it allows me to imagine myself, it just isn’t enough to truly make permanent changes… and I want to do this right, this time round! Not fool myself into feeling enlightened but still be triggered and hold limiting self beliefs (actually even thinking yourself enlightened is a limiting belief! Haha)

Ashati provides an incredible ‘leg-up’ opportunity to experience self-knowing and self-love. It’s nice to just transcend: I remember feeling that I just want to release all this bullshit and soar..I told myself to release all the negative, limiting beliefs because I was a child of The Creator, I create! I AM. I had angels and archangels helping me out. And don’t get me wrong, I am convinced they can do these things for us, but without conscious awareness, without getting your hands dirty in the gunk and smog inside your own heart, then you may never be able to help others, not least because you will not be able to relate to their suffering. 

I’ve determined so far on this journey is that what really helps is a balance between meditation/ascension and to be mindful of yourself. Observe yourself when you  feel upset or bad; Stop! Look! 

Triggers!  Identifying, healing and releasing old negative thought patterns: Key questions.

  1. I feel………… (Identify the emotions)
  2. What has triggered me? (Identify the cause)
  3. Why am I reacting like this? When did I also feel this before? Who or what in my past/ childhood brought up these feelings? (Identify the root cause, may be multiple)
  4. What are the negative underlying beliefs that are associated with this memory, feeling or idea? (Start with ‘I’ eg: I am, I must, I can’t etc) They will be simple and childlike. 
  5. What other areas of my life is this belief playing out? (Look at your life situations and relationships and patterns etc.) How, specifically, does this belief limit me? What is it preventing? (Eg intimacy) What is it creating? (Eg: drama, unfulfilling job) What people and experiences dies it attract around me?
  6. What is my True Heart’s wisdom? What is she saying to me? Find evidence in your life that proves the belief to be NOT true. 
  7. Turn negative into positive. Is there a way to see some good in any of this? What characteristics have you developed from this belief or experience that actually benefit your life? (eg: independence, self-reliance, strength)
  8. What True Heart words and ideas can I use to replace the Wounded Heart?
  9. What do I ask for? …ask!!
  10. What specific things can I do in future to support this change? 

My example: Yesterday I was triggered by my husband who, when I asked a question, said something that made me feel silly for asking the question. It was around the table as we were starting a beautiful meal that I had prepared for the family.

  • F: What is the program you are using?
  • L: C
  • F: You know that, don’t you Herve?
  • H: There are so many answers to that question
  • F: -😳😬😩😡
  • C: You know, I understand this because sometimes I see people who work in IT, who give robotic answers like that, it’s just that there is so much knowledge that it’s frustrating to explain it to people who don’t know
  • F: The marriage counsellor over here.
  • H: You know the ABC, don’t you?
  • F: Yes
  • H: Then you know C!
  • F: That’s just stupid.
  • H: There are too many answers. (C is very broad which I didn’t know)
  • F: Well, just choose one, I won’t know (getting defensive and aggressive and self-depreciating also)
  1. What has triggered me? Feeling dumb and ridiculed publicly
  2. What is my wounded heart feeling? humiliated and stupid and embarrassed
  3. Why am I reacting like this? When did I also feel this before? Who or what in my past brought up these feelings? Always growing up my ideas were ridiculed by brother, sisters and older people. 
  4. What are the negative underlying beliefs? It is better to keep your mouth shut rather than face ridicule for your lack of knowledge or silly questions. I am stupid. I don’t know much. I have wasted my education. I am wasting people’s time. 
  5. What is my true heart’s wisdom? What is she saying to me? That Herve didn’t mean to upset me. I am smart and knowledgable about many things… Just not computer languages.
  6. What True heart words and ideas can I use to replace the Wounded Heart? I am fearless. I am the one who brings the family together. It is better to ask a ‘silly’ question than feel stupid all your life.’
  7. What do I ask for? The strength to never stop asking questions at the risk of ridicule
  8. What can I do in future? Be more aware of this trigger and also the consequence of moving away, retreating and setting myself apart out of anger and resentment at perceived hurts.

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