Feeling Lost and down

This week I feel bad. Firstly, I’ve had hot face flushes and head aches and now I think I have caught a little of Herve’s cold. I have destroyed the screens of 2 laptops and broken 2 iPhones!!! In the space of a few weeks. I’m starting 4 solid weeks next week at BHIEC but again thinking ‘what am I doing with my life?!” I feel like time is slipping away and I am here scrabbling around learning lots of things that I can’t even get on top of. Like I’m skimming the surface of everything: Shamanic Path learning with Heather; Shaman Healer Sage book. Ashati Healing and learning, Year of Ceremony; Arcturians Book and Through the Corridor; I need more structure and a focus so I know it is heading somewhere. What can I do now to move forward? Which one is more important?

  1. Healing! healing people and psychic readings.  Alsemia 2 and self-healing and others
  2. Flow: Making art for Healing and selling them. Paint my manifesto!
  3. Flow: Writing stories (and blogs etc) and publishing them.

My Manifesto building exercise: SWEET with Heather, Week 5

Who am I? Why am I here? Where have i come from?

I am Francine. I am a creative soul and sister of the stars to all others on the journey to ascension back to source. I am lover, carer and twin soul to my beloved Herve. I am artist, I heal through my art and birth more beauty into the world. I am healer: with hands and words. I am weaver of friends and uniter. I show what is possible to help others on their own path. I am friend of the birds and animals. I am proud mother and accomplished teacher who shows people what is possible. I help create a dynamic, innovative and sharing culture. 

How do I want to be within my worlds of body, spirit, heart and mind?

I want to have more control over my thoughts and actions. I want to be aware pf my beliefs o that I can live a life in clarity and wisdom and not let them rule how I see the world and how I react to it. I want to live a life in unity and not in competition or comparison with others. I want a life of creativity and joy and passion. I want to feel that I am doing great things for the world, not just doing a job. I want a pure connection to my guides and helpers and angels and be a pure channel of light here on Earth: giving love and healing and offering my skills. I want to be relaxed but also inspired and inspriring. I want to heal through my hands and my heart and art. 

What are my natural gifts>

Healer, painter, friend, nurturer, listener, creativity, lots of ideas

What keeps me happy, steadfast and strong?

Herve, my girls, painting, meditation

What is my grand Dreaming?

My art school: a place of healing and creativity

What fulfils me and fills up my energy tank?

Painting, creating, hanging out with good friends, meditaion

How will I feel when I am where I want to be in Life?

Satisfied, joyful, calm, loving, serene, connected

Why do I want this?

Because it is my natural state to live and be loved and to guide/ teach

What do I need to achieve this?

Diligence, consistency, a goal that I move gently towards so I don;t always question myself. Meditation daily. To love and receive love. 

What do I need to support me?

Love, greater connection to my guidance: meditation. Practice, diligence, commitment. 

What thoughts and beliefs will guide me towards this?

My life long plan leads me here: I have worked, I have brought up my beautiful girls, I have learned about healing and art, I have experienced teaching and managed groups. I am learning how to work in smaller adult groups for healing and meditation. 

What behaviours will guide me towards this?

Diligence, planning, being organised, friendly, open, relaxed and happy and cheerful.

What natural and universal law as and personal rules will support this to unfold?

The law that you get what you give: I will give love and openness and creative flow. 

What might try and get in the way? and what can I do to be ready for this and turn it around?

Insecurity, thinking I’m not good enough or have no experience with this.Poor time and energy management, lack of diligence and inconsistency. The feeling of having to do more, other

What new decisions have I made about myself and my life?

That I am enough. That I do enough, that I give enough, that I am open to receiving joy and happiness. That this is what is important in life. That Herve is happy to support me and we are a team, a solid team.

What symbols, affirmations and immediate goals and tasks will support a conscious way of being in my True Nature?

Start up the Pole depot classes and see how they go: adjust. Start up workshops with Jess. Get a website going. be more creative and active in the pursuit of creativity workshops and ideas. Do more painting. Meditate daily and offer healings more. Cook more for my family and show love openly and warmly. Be present with anyone I am with. 



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