Healing with energetic hands and shamanic breath

So, yet again it seems I. ‘Stepped in’ to a person I was healing. One minute I was using my hands to send light to her chakras for clearing and purifying and the next I found myself crying! The thought in my head just prior was ‘I agree to do what it takes to heal this woman’ and then suddenly I was crying and hyperventilating. After a few seconds of this u thought “well, I can’t just sit here crying’ so I took control of the breath and started to breathe out long and hard to release the pain and shame and everything negative that was there (it seemed to be a red, grey and muddy brown colour) then in the in-breath I would soak in all the loving light energy all around me (as in through my skin.. Not through a particular chakra or through the breath only.. In fact, a lot seemed to be through my back!) 

It was after this (right at the end if the healing) that I really felt things heal. I brought violet under her as the flame and covered her in a golden orb after asking the fire dragons to remove the excess energy) 

So maybe that means both techniques are helpful: healing with the hands energetically then with the breath shamanic ally. Not sure yet, just the second experience of this. 

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