The Upside down Magician

In tarot, the magician card is about trusting that you have everything that you need to move forward. Your motivations, your skills, the timing are all right and you have everything you need: not just in the material world but you also have a strong connection to the spiritual realms and enough grounding to start, persevere and succeed.

I got the upside down magician.


This greatly disappoints me.

But I get it too. It means I need to be patient and to expect delays. It means my plans are not grounded, they’re not ready yet. I am distracted by lots and lots of things. I do have a connection to the highest realms and I am getting a lot of help and guidance. I’m also doing many good and worthwhile things. The problem is that I am not consolidating what I am learning. I am jumping from one thing to the next thing and not incorporating them.

Right now for example, I am in the middle of:

  • Learning about shamanism and Earth and self reverence and the sacred circle with Heather
  • Learning about shamanism from the book by Alberto Villoldo
  • Year of Ceremony monthly rituals and journeys
  • Learning about the 8 ways of Master Po
  • Learning about healing modalities with Ashati guides after all the activations
  • Learning from the Arcturians about my vortex and the Arcturian corridoor
  • Learning the tarot
  • Soon I will start the book with Sue O
  • Work videos and presentations

That’s a lot of learning. I will not start ANYTHING new until I have finished and consolidated all of this learning. I will start the next level Ashati in late September, giving me time to process and incorporate shamanism with full understanding into my healing.


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