This afternoon I asked Archangel Uriel to come and help me to learn the tarot well so I could learn to help others and also my life lessons regardless of anything I am currently learning.

3094f83c57ecc5a5f7dc2d9c4c3d269eIn my bath tonight I started going over what I heard Adyashanti talk about in a podcast today during my walk. I was talking like I was teaching a group. As I went along I was getting deeper and deeper into the message about being the I AM within: the eternal witness of Spirit.

That is all I know.

But I kept talking and it seemed like I was then listening to myself. I talked about this space being the space of the entire collective consciousness and that in this space one is able to tap into another’s true heart, lessons and learnings. I could fall into this Law of One to help people on their journeys. To guide them.

…during a tarot reading!

I became more aware of the room and realised I had been channeling. I went very deep. I asked who was channeling through me. I think it was Archangel Uriel come to teach me what I had asked for.


News today is unkind, gossipy, in your face and tells it’s own angled truth
that is mean, vicious and aggressive. I’ve had enough of this playing in to fear and separation. We need to have more empathy and consideration for others. We need to listen and care.