This afternoon I asked Archangel Uriel to come and help me to learn the tarot well so I could learn to help others and also my life lessons regardless of anything I am currently learning.

3094f83c57ecc5a5f7dc2d9c4c3d269eIn my bath tonight I started going over what I heard Adyashanti talk about in a podcast today during my walk. I was talking like I was teaching a group. As I went along I was getting deeper and deeper into the message about being the I AM within: the eternal witness of Spirit.

That is all I know.

But I kept talking and it seemed like I was then listening to myself. I talked about this space being the space of the entire collective consciousness and that in this space one is able to tap into another’s true heart, lessons and learnings. I could fall into this Law of One to help people on their journeys. To guide them.

…during a tarot reading!

I became more aware of the room and realised I had been channeling. I went very deep. I asked who was channeling through me. I think it was Archangel Uriel come to teach me what I had asked for.

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