Theurgy..or in particular: Esoteric Christian Theurgy 101

Ok, so now I have a framework around which some of my research can sit. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn sits into this category. First let’s understand the words…


Esoteric: not many understand it..kind of secret knowledge.                                         Christian: Linking with Jesus of Nazereth, Christ Consciousness, Our Highest possible selves as humans.                                                                                                                             Theurgy:  The art/ magic of finding the Divine in our world and in ourselves: To work with good Spirits

This Esoteric Christian Theurgy’s main objective is to learn the mysteries of God, to heighten our own spiritual nature and to rise to higher consciousness. In a practical sense, it is trying to gain the knowledge and conversation of our own Higher Self (or the God within) to teach us spiritual truths and wisdom straight from God.

Raziel is the archangel of the Old Testament (Jewish tradition/ Qabala) who is known as The Keeper of these Secrets. 

There were a number of different groups: The Rosicrucians, Esoteric Christians, Theosophists, ..AND The Golden Dawn…They all studied Alchemy, Astrology and the Tarot. (the same 3 again of Thoth in Ancient Egypt and Hermes Trismegistus from Ancient Greece) to come to a better understanding of the mysteries of God.

I’m starting get a big hint of why I have Hathor, Aurora and Asteria as my spirit guides!!! Each of them represents one of these teachings. Hathor: Alchemy; Aurora: Golden Dawn; Asteria: Astrology. I haven’t started astrology yet except my intro through study of the Tarot. 

In a traditional and magical sense, Theurgy is seen as the opposite of Goetica which is working with demons or Dark Magic/Black Witchcraft…I’m thinking they may overlap a little..just a little. Shamanic work can be working with Light, Dark and everything in-between. It can be a little unsettling at times when you come upon the dark but you can not fear it…just know Light ALWAYS wins 🙂 The feelings I have when I am in deep meditation or healing etc are very neutral. I am not “good” as such, but I am working in the Light and have fought off demons. (see “Psychic Attack”)

The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn teach a type of theurgy that helps us ascend spiritually as well as understand the true nature of the self and its relation to the Divine and the Universe. It draws on many, many paradigms: Egyptian religious knowledge and also human anatomy with architecture (see Temple of Edfu  or R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz), spiritual and physical alchemy, sacred geometry, astrology, numerology, Biblical references including the Tree of Knowledge and certain symbols such as the serpent and  the caduceus (kundalini energy), astrology (particularly the 4 cardinal beings: lion, ox, eagle and human). The Rider Waite tarot was born from members of this hermetic order.

Many theurgists are usually solitary practitioners and seek the divine light alone through ritual and inner spiritual and psychological balance. I think this is me.

Theurgy in this hermetic sense stresses the need for the individual to separate and analyse the individual components that constitute everyday consciousness and reunite them in a way that changes one’s personal awareness into a state that understands and expresses spiritual grace.

Basically to comprehend and develop wisdom about our lives and then ASCEND.


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