The Artist as Healer

terrence-mckennaMaryAnne told me at our last tarot course training day that I was to “heal through creativity’. I think I know what she means. I like my art to be meaningful and beautiful and I like the idea that the person or people who see it feel a certain …healing energy when they see it. For example, for the painting of t Francis, I wrote the famous prayer behind the work so that the message would somehow pass though and on to the consciousness of the person looking at it.

My latest work is a woman hugging a round ball…I think I will fill it with beautiful and meaningful things about the Higher Self of me but also all of humanity.

Terence McKenna talks about the artist as SHAMAN which fits nicely with my own ideas and even training. I do enter a state of flow and journey to a place beyond time, gather visions and then bring them back to the current time and place and try to encapsulate and express it.

This is how I will view my work more clearly in the future.

“One must create, one must do something positive in one’s life, because God is a generative power. Not creating anything leaves a person “sterile” .                                               – The Corpus Hermeticum



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