Natural Therapies: Acupuncture versus Energy Healing

Acupuncture:  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the theory is that energy flows through 12 meridians (channels or pathways) through which our energy or chi flows..they cover your body. When you are healthy, this energy flows smoothly and your body remains in a state of balance. When you experience a physical, emotional or spiritual trauma, the energy gets disrupted, depleted or stuck. If left in this state too long or if the trauma is severe enough, disease or pain manifests. By placing needles in points along these pathways we can help restore proper flow of energy and allow the body, mind and spirit to heal itself.

Energy Healing. For example Reiki, Seicham, Ashati, Golden Dragon and Alsemia. Healing channels the universal life-force energy (chi, prana) that is all around us and in our own body through the trained healer’s body and out their hands into the chakras of your body to go wherever you need it and for your ‘highest good’. Because your chakras are energetically linked to your physical body and the corresponding energy bodies that are around you, healing can assist you on all of your energy bodies including your physical body. Stagnant energy (repressed, ignored, resisted thought and emotional energy ) that is stuck in the chakras (or more likely around the aura of the person, or even manifest in the physical body if left long enough) can be ‘released’ as the energy starts flowing again.

So? The different language used to describe what is being done energetically can confuse the fact that both healing modalities are simply releasing stuck energy and getting a good energy flowing around your body so you can basically heal yourself.

Which is better? Neither! Both are determined by the ability of the practitioner, the specific needs and the thoughts of the client. Thoughts are energy and energy can be made manifest into reality through transmutation (just as water can become ice and steam). That’s not to say the these healing modalities are similar to placebo…they are not. There really is stuck energy and it really can be released so flow returns. However the person in the driving seat (you) can have a preference or a belief of one over the other and that can influence a healing session. The best choice for you is the one in which you bring your own positive, healing energy to. Simple as that. So, a better question is..which one do you belief will work best for you?

In Summary: Your physical and energetic bodies along with your spirit, highest self, energy (whatever you want to call it) knows exactly what a perfect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual person feels like. It even knows how to heal itself. However sometimes, due to daily pressures, limiting thoughts and beliefs, pollution, food additives etc, etc, we can lose sight of our own perfection and we require a little assistance to get things back on track and flowing again.

Meridians and chakras comparison chart:


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