Sekhem, Sekhmet and Seichim: Healing energies from Ancient Egypt

Sekhem is the ancient Egyptian word for Universal Energy, Intelligence and Power (chi, prana, energy). The symbol of sekhem in ancient Egypt was the sceptre (or staff) which can be seen as the connection of heaven and earth (as above, so below).In terms of consciousness, Sekhem is the state of ‘all-knowing’.

Sekhmet is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of healing and regeneration who is associated with sekhem. She represents power and might and protects sekhem energy. Sekhmet the lion goddess is represented with a sun disk (aten: Creator and giver of life) above her head surrounded by the risen serpent (uraeus: divine authrity) as she holds a staff (connecting heaven and Earth) and anhk (male/female-yin/yang or ‘the breath of life’).


In 1991 I visited the British Museum and bought myself a little statue which I have had ever since. At the time I just liked it but now, with a better understanding of astrology (lion) and ancient egyptian learnings, I know why I was attracted to it so long ago. This is it: 14550503_663125433854526_531165638_o

As an aside I wonder, just wonder, if the sun disk is really a representation of the Soul-Light Dimension (the 5th)  and the serpent is the risen kundalini energy that has reached the soul-light thus connecting the person from the elemental earth chakra below to the opened chakras above the head: This would mean that the Goddess has full knowledge of her soul’s journey complete with Akashic (past life) records and knows she is an eternal spirit and one with the Creator: Enlightenment in the physical body! 

Seichim (pronounced Say-kem) is the healing energy channelled through the hands of initiates…me:)about-sekhem-01

What is seichim and how does it work? Seichim draws on the elements of fire, water and air for healing. Each element helps you to connect more with your higher self (the wise Om within)

  • Water Energy (Sophi‐Ei) helps to gently push emotional issues to the surface through a pulsing vibration and re-balances you with the flow of water.
  • Air (Angelic‐light) facilitates healing and balancing on the mental body through a gentle breeze. It will help you to understand, connect and communicate better .
  •  Fire (Sakara): helps to transmute energy from negative to positive through a energy that feels like a gentle, tingling, electrical current that runs through your body.

History of Seichim: Patrick Zeigler is the founder of Seichim, as used in present times, and he is the one who “re-discovered” this energy. Patrick had a long-standing dream to spend the night in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt. He accomplished this in 1980 and during that night in the pyramid, the Seichim/Sekhem energy presented itself to Patrick, in the form of a swirling electric-blue light moving in an infinity pattern. This light entered Patrick’s heart, resulting in a form of initiation that left him permanently connected with an infinite source of the Seichim/Sekhem energy. Patrick found that this energy could be applied for healing purposes. Patrick’s website is here.

There are other people you can find on the net also using sekhem energy such as here and here. What an amazing world we live in when ancient knowledge resurfaces!

Sources; (loving this website about Egyptian healing alchemy)

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