Universal Consciousness

So, I’m starting to ponder about universal consciousness and what it is.

The Arcturians say that thoughts are forms that exist in UC and can be accessed as our own if we vibrate or resonate with it’s frequency. Those are my words but I think that’s what they mean. For example if you are often angry and feel vibrationally low (and you may feel literally heavy and droopy and weak) you will access thoughts in the ether that correlate to the same frequency.

These thoughts flow through you in the same electromagnetic energy they exist in in the UC…for you ARE the co-creator of the Universal Consciousness. You are adding your thought forms to it  We all do. Your thoughts are ‘collected” just as everybody’s are. You add to and pull from…like attracts like. You re-affirm your thoughts and beliefs, whether they be limiting or expanding, because you resonate with similar thoughts and beliefs.

So, do I have thoughts that are just my own? Not shared in the UC?

No. All thoughts are electric energy…can you contain the electromagnetic current within the confines of a brain? Take a picture of it with a lens that picks up electromagnetic energy and you will see it does not stay inside the perimeter of the brain.  You are always picking up the thought and feeling energies of others and they do not try to control them…neither do you. It takes much practise to do this.


What is at the ‘top’ of the high vibrations? I mean if we all resonate at different vibrations and some are low and some are high…is it just a scale like Hermes was saying?

It is circular. It is a gradient but there is no top or bottom.

But there must be a starting place.

Is that a question?

Sure. Is there a starting place? A source? the highest of the highest vibrations? 

You know when you listen to frequencies, hertz…there comes a point when the frequency is so high that is it inaudible. There is also a pint when you lower the frequency so low that is inaudible to your ear…therefor it could be said that the gradient either way reaches the same point…it comes full circle.

The gradient or frequencies is like a roll of sticky tape. 

Your words not mine.

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