The Arcturian Chamber of Light

So, I have been reading the book “We, the Arcturians” and learning all about the different chambers on their star ship and mission here (to assist the children of Light to wake up and bring forth Divine Wisdom for humanity’s awakening).

I looked on FB yesterday and funnily enough the first thing I saw was a link to a Youtube meditation with the Arcturians inside one of the chambers. Lol.

So last night I did this most amazing meditation. So funny that I felt a ‘click’ in my energy field and then heard “You will feel a ‘click’ in your energy field.” I had to smile. Here is the link in case you are reading this at some point…I am finding if you read something it is meant directly for you…I try to read things not meant for me and it just doesn’t sink in or I get bored and turn off etc. If you are here..reading this third paragraph down..try this meditation as it is something worth exploring.

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 1.44.14 PM.png

Preparation Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light

Yesterday I was really down…I cried for seemingly no reason in my car and asked for help. I don;t know what I’m doing, I don;t know what I’m meant to be doing..I have low confidence and lack direction. I sincerely request help…to wake up, to raise my vibration and frequency in order to be a pure channel of God’s Love and Light here on Earth..I recognise that I still get caught up in nonsense and duality and polarity and sometimes even hurt people, through my words and actions, these are things that upset me to say. I’m tired of slogging at a job that brings me little joy. But I also don;t have a clear alternative…I created the space (time) to explore and learn more, which is what is happening but I still don;t know what I’m doing. Do I go into healing? art? song? Do I learn more or start doing? I don’t feel ready although I feel more ready than before.

Q: If I start, where do I start?

A: My website. The name, the logo, the articulation of what I do and how I can help. Mention the art but also just start making the art…gifts for people given with love. Children’s art for their rooms: angels and protection and peaceful images. Love, peace, kindness, protection. Nature, Earth connection, Unity..all positive imagery. Get ready, it is coming, be prepared. Your job will pass, it is transitory. Assist those that you can while you are there. You will not lose your friends but you will also gain many more…your tribe. Relax, enjoy, be at peace with the patterns you see emerging…you laugh and we laugh with you for it is such joyful fun. Keep that sense of awe and laugh out loud.

Q: I was wondering about me…am I a helper or someone just starting to wake -up? Can the Arcturians help me?

A: It already in motion and we watch lovingly to all that you do and learn and achieve…much more than you give yourself credit for…we laugh but also sigh that you do not acknowledge the wonderful things you have already done. We rejoice.

Just focus on spreading your love, your laughter, your humour and your is enough to be these things. You have skill that you impart. It helps. Inspire. Encourage. Be. You. Things are alreday in the works. Enjoy this part of the journey and think not of “what’s next, what’s next, what am I NOT doing? …sing my dear one…

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