The Ascension Process

The Ascension process is the switch in vibration from the 3D world to the 5D dimension. We are now in 4D.


We are re-membering who we really are: Multidimensional spiritual beings.

Now we are experiencing multidimensional states: The 3rd dimension where most of the world operates on fight/flight, fear/desire, anger/victimhood, material possessions define who I am and there is an enemy out there that I need to fight/defend against.

Depending on your level of resistance, the ascension process can be smooth pr rough. There can be repeating patterns in your soul thread which you resist, or resistance to moving on and up.

There are 3 groups: the early-birds who have been dabbling for years and learnt to get on. Then the ones that were awakened during the Cosmic Moment of 21st December 2012 (with a jolt). There is no more karma. From this date, we create our own karma.

The others are slowly waking up now because the energy is unstoppable. Light-worker’s job is to assist these people and support each other.

For Light-workers: ask and you will receive. But remember that you are also expected to make your own decisions. Your intuition is already strong and we can make our own heart-based decisions. Trust your own wisdom because ultimately you have all the answers. In 2014, the blueprint for the 12 chakras was downloaded into all of us.


Protection for LightWorkers from Steve Nobel:


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