The Akashic Records-My first visit


So I have enrolled in an online course to access the Akashic records with Mona Wind.  I am well aware that we are often accessing the Akashic records, more and more and more..but this is the first official course I have done on the subject.

Akasha is a sanskrit word which means primary substance from which all things are formed.The Akashic Records reside on the non-physical plane of existence known as the astral plane and can be accessed more easily now because of the shift of consciousness on the planet. Anyone can enter and learn more about themselves.

Really they are a symbolic representation that we use to hold all consciousness…all thoughts that have ever been thought will ever be thought and all actions that have ever been taken and will ever be taken. It is our way of understanding collective mass consciousness or “God’s mind”/ Source, by imagining it all in books in a library that can be opened and ‘read’. In reality, we exist in all dimensions in all times nut it helps to imagine ourselves travelling to the astral plane and accessing our information. Generally, people access the records on the 4th (all your thoughts and actions in this lifespan) 5th (all of the timeline possibilities – thoughts and actions from the life you have chosen in this life during any time on your current time-line), 6th (all possibilites unlimited by space and time from any of the possibilities from the 5th dimension) or 7th dimension (to all of the possibilities of all our lives, past and present, in this universe)….and on and on.

You must believe they exist and believe you can access…you are only limited by your beliefs and your frequency match to the records.

The records hold a vibrational record of each soul’s journey: the soul’s thoughts, feelings and actions over lifetimes. It also tells you the what, why and how of any occurrence. People have their own records but actually absolutely anything and everything also has its own records including items of jewellery, organisations, marriages, properties etc, etc

I have completed the first lesson. First it is amazingly clear and precise explanation of walk-ins and the records and easy visualisations to dramatically lift your vibration. Mona explained why we limit ourselves over our many lifetimes and what can hold us back from expressing ourselves as divine, infinite beings.

When it came time to have our first experience (in this life-time anyway) first We did an exercise to raise our vibration using a torus around octahedron. Very powerful!

Then we anchored ourselves to the centre of the earth and lifted off up and up until we came to the Akashic records door. My door was dark red with a pointed top and had a stone border like an old cathedral. I met my Akashic record guide who reminded me of Merlin and he had a wrinkly, gentle wise smile. Inside the room was purple/red and felt very old and powerful. I asked what I need to know to be a great Akashic reader and my hands started tingling. Perhaps I need to write my responses? I also felt my body respond. Perhaps I will feel the answers?

Thank you Mona Wind! I look forward to continuing the learning adventure.

My take-away from lesson 1:

Step Into My Power

I came here to be powerful, …don’t be shy now!

I have much to share with this world.

Allow my true nature to come forward.

Through my example others will step into their power.

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