My Body: My Earth

Last night I was listening to a podcast by Christina Pratt and in it she said:

We can observe how we treat the Earth by how we treat our own bodies.

What a horrible thought! I do not give much thought to my body and only occasionally pamper it or look after it for the long term.



Re-Membering and the Eternal Questions of Life


So, lately my thoughts have been drawn to death.

The Hindus believe in reincarnation.We die and then we are reborn. The same independent and eternal soul just in a different body. This would help to explain ‘past-life’ memories as we may, at times such as through meditation, get in touch with our ‘bigger’ soul selves.

The Buddhists disagree. They believe that rebirth is the continuation of a process in which the self is integrated with the rest of the universe through it’s death, a process driven by cause and effect (karma). Basically, ‘you’ dies and you gets re-absorbed into the whole. This would help to explain ‘past life’ memories as we hold within us the whole from which we came…many, many soul lives.  To be frank, I don’t get how karma would then determine your next life…there is no ‘next’ life. The whole is just a large bubbling bowl from which spurts bubbles and droplets of life, always falling back down to the bowl eventually.

New agers believe we have an over-riding Higher Self. This Higher Self is our Soul Dimension. It is form this that our many lives spring many time and space dimensions, not linear. Imagine the large bowl and from it comes many lives which together make-up your soul’s journey.  (You could also imagine an ocean from which droplets fly out: each droplet a holographic representation of the whole: complete and made of exactly the same substance as the ocean…just much smaller in scale.  It is a work in progress and each over-lap and intertwine in meaning. Thus past lives are recalled as we are ultimately connected (through a cord of light) to our own bowl/ocean. People even have past life memories that they are reincarnations of great people, even Gods.

Now, I go along with all of it and also none of it.

When I was 30, I had my first trans channeling. I wrote “remember” during a state of high distress and painful letting go of my old world. It was a massive turning point in my life when I learned that there was so much more to this universe than I was lead to believe. When I felt my calling to be more than I was currently being. But what of the actual word itself?


Remember what?

At the time I thought it was a message from my grandfather to remember him, his life. This was massive enough as it taught me that our ancestors live on in some form or another. Some people, like the Spiritualists, believe the dead are all just hanging around watching us and wanting to still interact with us, help us and guide us… that is what I thought at the time. It makes no sense to me now. If that is what happens when I die then I would be pretty disappointed. But I don’t think so anyway. Perhaps a soul that haunts castles or comes back to talk about their earthly lives with psychics and loved ones are real in one sense, well they are real, but I don’t think they are constantly just floating around. ‘There are many house in my father’s house’ Jesus said. Perhaps the departed souls live in one of these rooms and the veil between the living and the dead is very, very thin indeed.

So, Remember what?

That I am an eternal Spirit? That I co-create Life? That I am part of the whole that is momentarily separated to experience another perspective of Life…just as all of my other parts are doing the same in their (my) own separated vessels?

Therefor, there is no purpose to seek in our life. The sole purpose of any life is to simple be. To experience, to expand in awareness and grow…in what ever your heart feels itself drawn to. there is no judgement at all in what you choose. None. It is all just experience. The Divine experiencing its own divinity through experience of absolutely everything that ever was and ever shall be. Such as a single flower that is part of a tree growing and unfolding to just be itself  to attract birds and insects without knowing that it serves this purpose.

I used to think, only recently that the soul’s purpose was to LOVE. To give love and receive love."Comfort in time of need" Artwork by Francine Commeigne

But I think that is just my focus. My current life goal is to give love, receive love and to guide others. I work with the angels and those who shine Light and Love. I strongly believe that this is a worthy goal of every soul experiencing life but that is not my decision to make. Free will dictates that each expression of the whole makes its own decisions and choices…each will have consequences. All of it is seperate expressions of Life.

Of-course, the separation is just an illusion: we are not in any way separated from the whole ocean of life and therefore from each other. This is why we have all the answers within us if we care to search there rather than outside ourselves. It just appears that we are seperate beings: seperate from each other and seperate from the animals and plants and sky and moon etc. Otherwise there is no point …we (I) could easily just live in the whole..which would be a void like the eternal moment between time and space like the space between the in breath and the out breath: like at the top of a rollercoaster between the upward thrust and the fall back down…but what fun would that be?