In Transition

These days are both challenging and exciting!


I painted Gaia Creating her beloved Earth through sound (represented through the swirls) and  the sacred geometry in the flower of life. To me personally, this symbolises the transitional re-birthing to the authentic self.

As I look at my life and the lives of those around me, I am coming to realise that each of the problems we are facing these days are related to the areas of our life where we are operating from old paradigms that no longer serve us. We have been deeply immersed, especially since the beginning of this month but also for many months before, within an intense passage of rite. The passage is from a sense of powerlessness to owning our own personal being the author of our own journey and the only authority to decide what we authorise (or not authorise) in our lives.

For me, I’m having trouble coping with the fact that I just don’t know what’s ahead for me…and I want to know because giving up what I do know is kinda scary. I try to be kind to myself and just be present right now, and now, and now… and trust with each new step I take that the journey will reveal itself to me as I go. I do what I want to do in the now before me..usually that’s painting these days.

Whether we are trying to ‘do it all’ and burning ourself down at both ends of the wick; trying to endure a situation or relationship that is unendurable;  trying to fit in with a position that we outgrew long ago or that you have reservations about; whether we are having health issues that are demanding we just stop and look closely at our life patterns and habits…all of it is just a big mirror. This mirror is asking us to go within and then take back ownership of what is happening in our lives, where it is heading and perhaps even who we are travelling with.

So, I am taking the wheel. Why be a passenger in my own existence and allow false beliefs or others to lead me where I don’t want or need to go?

The key to Ascension: The All in All and All within The All


Ascension, spiritual development, Awakening and Re-Membering, all means the same thing: it is the letting go of the old matrix of drama, conflict, polarity and separation. It is the recognising and manifesting of the Spirit within.

Spirit is The All within for there is no separation.  The All is indeed the Unity of All.

As Obi Kanobi said: ‘May the Force be with you’. Well, may it also be in you….and may the Force be One 🙂

Meditate on this hermetic axiom: The All in All and All within The All. This helps me to know truths, not half-truths (such as ‘I AM God’). Think in terms of fractals and holograms.

Here are some steps of thought using Hermetic teachings:

  1. The universe is mental. It is a mental construct in the mind of the Creator. Think of a writer , musician or a painter. The works are mental constructs inside the mind of the writer …made manifest in the physical world. The character is in the mind of the writer but the creator can also be said to be inside the character on the page if you think about the ‘fingerprints’ or soulprints 🙂 we leave of ourselves on our creations.’
  2. So, if the Creator created the Universe then Universe is in (the mind) of The creator and The creator is in the (manifested) Universe. Just like a hologram, each particle of the creation holds the whole. This is why some people say we are like “a drop in the ocean’ or a ‘spark from the fire’ or a snowflake. We hold within us the All. The drop of water can be said to be an individual drop and yet it holds everything that exists in the whole ocean. It is made of the same stuff. So, in a way, you are Creator. Some people take this to mean I AM the creator, I am all that is. My lens is the only lens. This is an interesting idea and one well worth meditating on for it goes to the seed of All. But it can make your interactions a little ‘unreal’.  There exists always a paradox and when you can hold the polar thoughts in your head, you are well on the way.
  3. So does that mean we are just in a dream? Well, no, because the Creator imagined a universe ruled by Universal, physical laws. We are in that Universe, we are part of it and we must abide by the physics. To us, it doesn’t feel like an imagined world even though at times, we recognise this to be the Truth. It is and it isn’t real…but for all intents and purposes, it is well and truly real.
  4. So, how do we ascend this physical world? Well, you recognise the inner Truth and use another axiom: “As above, so below”. If the Creator is essentially in you, you are able to be Creator! You can create whatever you want in your mind and make it manifest. If you imagine the world you want and create it with enough substantial reality around the concept (with your thoughts, emotions and intention) you can direct your Will aspect to your Becoming aspect and make manifest that which you desire.




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Remembering my Multidimensional Self

So, I just learned through the Arcturians, how to remember my multidimensional self: Naeve.



You lie in bed, then imagine yourself looking down at yourself on the bed (U was pleasantly surprised at my appearance:) Then you travel to the starship and stand in front of the “Visitor room’

I did all of this. I actually knocked on the door and someone laughed around me and said ‘open it yourself, remember”. Then I looked down to the left and put my hand on this pad thing and the door slid open (upwards) and I walked in. There was a bit of mucking around and laughter as everyone was a little surprised and happy and gently teasing me because it was the first time I had gone consciously. “Well, look at you!” A woman came up and hugged me closely and intimately and said it was lovely. We seemed very close.

They lead me over to this screen on a bench level panel and showed me these lights. This is your influence. It was a map/graph of all the energy and light I had spread through people and institutions…mostly people, that had spread further still. Some were very bright (students?) and some were soft but there was a lot! I was amazed.

Jenni !!! came and hugged me (was it the same woman?) and I said “but we’re not doing well on Earth?!” and she said, yes, we each needed to learn things apart and our separating was part of that…you taught me to temper the way I communicate and you needed to let go of other’s opinions and teaching (preaching:) and find your own truth. Which you are doing.

I also saw my brother and was even more surprised.”But, but..?!” “yeah I know, he is useless as communicating. We’re working on it” “I hope so” I said.

Then I said goodbye and came back

How amazing!

Excerpt from Suzanne Lie’s blogspot: (2-6-17)

Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian Council of Light Q&A through Sue Lie

“We ask each and all of you to take a moment of your NOW to remember the “feel” of being in a fifth dimensional environment. We will take you on a short inter-dimensional meditation to ignite your memory.

Since most of you visit us in your “night body” while you sleeping on Earth, we invite you to perceive yourself lying in your bed…

First, feel yourself ON or IN your bed…

Now change your perspective form you being IN your bed to the “you” that are floating ABOVE your bed looking down at your sleeping or meditating body…

Your sleeping, or meditating, self is comfortable and safe. You will NOT leave your body. Instead, your will EXPAND your perceptions beyond your body by allowing your Mind to relax and remember.

Relaxing and Remembering is how you remember your Life on the Ship. Relax NOW, as you remember your self, walking through the welcoming portal for our “Visitors from Earth.”

We suggest that you remain with that image until you can consciously FEEL and totally EXPERIENCE the Unconditional Love that invites you to join us. Eventually, you will feel the “group consciousness” of our “loving welcome.”

Now, remember this reality is “in your mind.” We wish to remind you that ALL reality is also “in your heart.” “What you think about, is what you bring about!” is a common, and very accurate saying on Earth. 

Furthermore, the thoughts that you allow to linger in your mind will deeply effect the emotions that you carry in your heart. Your heart and mind work as a unit to assist you to create—move toward—a reality that “calms your mind” and “comforts your heart.”

Allow the inner image of your standing before the portal to our Ship to gently settle into your heart and mind. When you have totally embraced the Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Information that await you across that threshold, you will have a conscious, or unconscious, experience of your inter-dimensional visit.