The key to Ascension: The All in All and All within The All


Ascension, spiritual development, Awakening and Re-Membering, all means the same thing: it is the letting go of the old matrix of drama, conflict, polarity and separation. It is the recognising and manifesting of the Spirit within.

Spirit is The All within for there is no separation.  The All is indeed the Unity of All.

As Obi Kanobi said: ‘May the Force be with you’. Well, may it also be in you….and may the Force be One 🙂

Meditate on this hermetic axiom: The All in All and All within The All. This helps me to know truths, not half-truths (such as ‘I AM God’). Think in terms of fractals and holograms.

Here are some steps of thought using Hermetic teachings:

  1. The universe is mental. It is a mental construct in the mind of the Creator. Think of a writer , musician or a painter. The works are mental constructs inside the mind of the writer …made manifest in the physical world. The character is in the mind of the writer but the creator can also be said to be inside the character on the page if you think about the ‘fingerprints’ or soulprints 🙂 we leave of ourselves on our creations.’
  2. So, if the Creator created the Universe then Universe is in (the mind) of The creator and The creator is in the (manifested) Universe. Just like a hologram, each particle of the creation holds the whole. This is why some people say we are like “a drop in the ocean’ or a ‘spark from the fire’ or a snowflake. We hold within us the All. The drop of water can be said to be an individual drop and yet it holds everything that exists in the whole ocean. It is made of the same stuff. So, in a way, you are Creator. Some people take this to mean I AM the creator, I am all that is. My lens is the only lens. This is an interesting idea and one well worth meditating on for it goes to the seed of All. But it can make your interactions a little ‘unreal’.  There exists always a paradox and when you can hold the polar thoughts in your head, you are well on the way.
  3. So does that mean we are just in a dream? Well, no, because the Creator imagined a universe ruled by Universal, physical laws. We are in that Universe, we are part of it and we must abide by the physics. To us, it doesn’t feel like an imagined world even though at times, we recognise this to be the Truth. It is and it isn’t real…but for all intents and purposes, it is well and truly real.
  4. So, how do we ascend this physical world? Well, you recognise the inner Truth and use another axiom: “As above, so below”. If the Creator is essentially in you, you are able to be Creator! You can create whatever you want in your mind and make it manifest. If you imagine the world you want and create it with enough substantial reality around the concept (with your thoughts, emotions and intention) you can direct your Will aspect to your Becoming aspect and make manifest that which you desire.




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