In Transition

These days are both challenging and exciting!


I painted Gaia Creating her beloved Earth through sound (represented through the swirls) and  the sacred geometry in the flower of life. To me personally, this symbolises the transitional re-birthing to the authentic self.

As I look at my life and the lives of those around me, I am coming to realise that each of the problems we are facing these days are related to the areas of our life where we are operating from old paradigms that no longer serve us. We have been deeply immersed, especially since the beginning of this month but also for many months before, within an intense passage of rite. The passage is from a sense of powerlessness to owning our own personal being the author of our own journey and the only authority to decide what we authorise (or not authorise) in our lives.

For me, I’m having trouble coping with the fact that I just don’t know what’s ahead for me…and I want to know because giving up what I do know is kinda scary. I try to be kind to myself and just be present right now, and now, and now… and trust with each new step I take that the journey will reveal itself to me as I go. I do what I want to do in the now before me..usually that’s painting these days.

Whether we are trying to ‘do it all’ and burning ourself down at both ends of the wick; trying to endure a situation or relationship that is unendurable;  trying to fit in with a position that we outgrew long ago or that you have reservations about; whether we are having health issues that are demanding we just stop and look closely at our life patterns and habits…all of it is just a big mirror. This mirror is asking us to go within and then take back ownership of what is happening in our lives, where it is heading and perhaps even who we are travelling with.

So, I am taking the wheel. Why be a passenger in my own existence and allow false beliefs or others to lead me where I don’t want or need to go?

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