Confirmation of Ascension

So last week we had our Ashati Meet up group (see previous) and Catherine healed me…I felt my 3D body slide to the left and disengage before gasping as I became LIGHT.

Well, I asked who am I and heard “You are Indestructible” and You are one of Us.

Well, all of that is very cool but just now I was listening to Teal Swan talk about how angels communicate with us and the most common being signs. Funnily enough Last week a song came to me (since the last channeling weekend) which was Spandou Ballet’s Gold. At teh time the message was beautiful but I could only remember the chorus.

I decided just now to listen to the song and guess what the words of one line are…

“you’ve got the power to know, You’re indestructable”

Love it!

Another sign this week was when I asked what is the most important thing to have now and then I read a channeled message by Mary Magdelene who said “compassion” is key. Then, a couple of hours later Amanda from America texted me to say she loved my ‘compassionate heart”…confirmation!!

So many synchronicities 🙂


Pondering that turned into a channeled message March

Spiritual development, Awakening, Re-Membering, all means the same thing: it is the letting go of the old matrix of drama, conflict, polarity and separation. It is the recognising and manifesting of the Spirit within.

Spirit is The All within for there is no separation.  The All is indeed the Unity of All.

As Obi Kanobi said: ‘May the Force be with you’. Well, may it also be in you….and may the Force be One 🙂

Shamanic Meditations

So last night was our Ashati Meet-Up group at my house so I was hosting. I decided I would explore crystal mandala co-creation and give a drumming meditation.


Wow! First time explaining the sacred circle was a challenge so obviously need to do more research there, but explaining the directions and elements all flowed nicely.I invoked our own Inner-Shamans and we welcomed the directions (should have stayed seated). The actual co-creation was beautiful. We placed crystals on the mandala either…

  • on the outside: what we want to let go of/release,
  • in the middle rings: what we are grateful for
  • in the middle rings: what we want to welcome more of

I played and Golden Eagle but I should have played : !

The drumming was surprisingly easy. Keeping a beat is difficult but I tried to go with the flow of where the rhythm was taking me. Very trance like in fact…(although not fully yet as it was new).

Healing afterwards was magical. I felt a female presence come very close to my right cheek as I lay and hold with so much unconditional love and comfort. I was actually worried I had done something wrong and was asking “what’s wrong? why are you so sad or comforting me…I don’t feel like something bad is happening in my life!” But then I felt a slow and gentle detaching of my self. Like my old self was shifting to the left and outside of myself. Then eventually (very gently) it fully detached and I gasped and felt ….FREE and Light! I was my NEW self. I was in awe and shock. (Catherine had actually not woken me or brought me out of meditation for her own healing and just starting giving herself self-healing!!! I asked “but who am I now?” and I received “Unlimited”. “Indestructible” and “You are one of Us.”

WOW! I am so blessed.

Channeling_ early experiences.

Had lots of moments of self doubt that I could dod this…you have to keep practicing so the Pleadian sisters of Light were right…practise, practise, practise!

Week 1: Jessika (Mps), Angela (in person) Sarah (FB video call) and Sharon (Mp3)

Week 2: Aurora (mp3) Steve (Fb video call) and Cathy 6pm.

Wk 2: Aurora: This was such a tricky one because she was very needy and wanted specific answers. It was a challenge but then I asked myself if I really believed this stuff or in fact thought I was giving the messages. If the latter, then no, I would not be able to do it. If I believed that I as really channeling, then YES! I could be a pure channel of Love and Light and just Trust that Aurora would get exactly what she needed to hear.

Steve: Read cards first. Felt the energy come through moments before. The channeling was beautiful ‘Sirian Council of Light’ Like they were old buddies kinda laughing with Steve. Advised him to create and work on communication and release everything that you do not want to take in the move. He received lots of guidance and told he had friends in high places. Knew much knowledge.

Cathy: This was another hard one as we have never met. I did a short visualisation to help her relax and to connect with her. This helped me to calm and begin. She was also just home from work. ….The Orion Council came through to offer guidance about the spoken word. To be discerning. You are learning Truth. Able to identify it.  Nurture yourself. Offer yourself the love you bestow on others. Take time to pause. Afterwards: The throat chakra is opening. The third eye is opening. The sacral still has some issues and when resolved the throat chakra will open.


Stepping up and feeling sh*t-scared

So I gave my first free channeling today. I did feel the energy flow but perhaps not as strong as I have felt before. It was for Jessika. I

It was all pretty placid and non-descript, nothing juicy. I truly hope she likes it as it took a lot out of me 🙂

I started to voice channel. I did it twice, trying to trust more.

I used the cards as a way in to the written channel and that was better. I asked Archangel Metatron to help me put the holographic matrix around us so that she would be like sitting in front of me (what I’m used to) and then I also asked some questions to assist the flow. This also helped.

I dunno…not entirely proud of it but I am proud of me 🙂

I may be preparing myself to receive channeled stories.

Stepping Up

So, I finished m channeling for the Healer workshop and got all excited and inspired. I put a post out on Facebook offering free channeled messages to practice (naomi’s suggestion and a channeled message to practise, practise, practise.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 7.46.43 AM

I’m super scared…excited sure, but also super scared.

What if I can not connect and pick up any messages? What if I can only do this in person? What if I’m getting too big for my boots?

All changes and shifts require us to step outside of our comfort zone. This is what Herve said to me and he is right. Heather also said something like: “The full moon is really messing with me (2 nights ago) but I’m not buying into it. Seeing it, naming it, forgiving it, loving it and letting it go. Breathing in to the space in between, smiling” So beautiful!

I have channeled messages for a few different people including myself. I will experiment and develop this skill until I trust it and no longer doubt myself. This is my intention for the next 2 weeks.




So, I went to the Mother ship again but was escorted to a different room and sat beside a very calm, wise being (can’t describe, just felt) Who asked me if I wanted to receive transmissions. I found myself floundering and looking for excuses…”I can’t commit yet, I have to do this and this and this….”

The next day I awoke and said “Yes”

The Hathors


So, I’m not even sure how to start this blog entry. I have just completed a 2 day “Channeling for the Healer” course with Virginie Esprit and Naomi Nonu-Carling. I  channeled The Hathors. Once, quite calmly for Virginie and the other for the group which was unbelievable.

My whole body shook and vibrated like it was going through a massive opening/ shift and possibly kundalini awakening. I felt like a purer channel afterwards.

I channeled ancient songlines and totem animals of the group. As well as I think a massive healing for myself.

I am still processing.

The weekend was filled with information about channeling, sound healing and galactic guides and starseed info. I have recently thought I was of Arcturian origin and perhaps I am but I also have a huge influence from the Hathors lately.

These are some of the things that now make sense to me:

  1. I painted Hathor and have a deep love for her.
  2. I am a Master practitioner of Seichim Healing ….from Ancient Egypt!
  3. I wear the Eye of Horus
  4. I had to watch Pamela’s channeling of Horus last weekend
  5. I have studiously read and tried to assimilate the knowledge of the Kybalion (Hermes Trismegistas)
  6. I am drawn to the energy of Sekhmet
  7. I started to learn about Alchemy
  8. I studied the Tarot and went to a 4 week workshop
  9.  I lucid dreamed a dragon who sniffed my heart and told me “you’ll be happy to know they know you are on the path of the Golden Dawn” before I knew anything about the Golden dawn or had even heard of those words.
  10. I want to visit Egypt!