The Hathors


So, I’m not even sure how to start this blog entry. I have just completed a 2 day “Channeling for the Healer” course with Virginie Esprit and Naomi Nonu-Carling. I  channeled The Hathors. Once, quite calmly for Virginie and the other for the group which was unbelievable.

My whole body shook and vibrated like it was going through a massive opening/ shift and possibly kundalini awakening. I felt like a purer channel afterwards.

I channeled ancient songlines and totem animals of the group. As well as I think a massive healing for myself.

I am still processing.

The weekend was filled with information about channeling, sound healing and galactic guides and starseed info. I have recently thought I was of Arcturian origin and perhaps I am but I also have a huge influence from the Hathors lately.

These are some of the things that now make sense to me:

  1. I painted Hathor and have a deep love for her.
  2. I am a Master practitioner of Seichim Healing ….from Ancient Egypt!
  3. I wear the Eye of Horus
  4. I had to watch Pamela’s channeling of Horus last weekend
  5. I have studiously read and tried to assimilate the knowledge of the Kybalion (Hermes Trismegistas)
  6. I am drawn to the energy of Sekhmet
  7. I started to learn about Alchemy
  8. I studied the Tarot and went to a 4 week workshop
  9.  I lucid dreamed a dragon who sniffed my heart and told me “you’ll be happy to know they know you are on the path of the Golden Dawn” before I knew anything about the Golden dawn or had even heard of those words.
  10. I want to visit Egypt!

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