Stepping Up

So, I finished m channeling for the Healer workshop and got all excited and inspired. I put a post out on Facebook offering free channeled messages to practice (naomi’s suggestion and a channeled message to practise, practise, practise.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 7.46.43 AM

I’m super scared…excited sure, but also super scared.

What if I can not connect and pick up any messages? What if I can only do this in person? What if I’m getting too big for my boots?

All changes and shifts require us to step outside of our comfort zone. This is what Herve said to me and he is right. Heather also said something like: “The full moon is really messing with me (2 nights ago) but I’m not buying into it. Seeing it, naming it, forgiving it, loving it and letting it go. Breathing in to the space in between, smiling” So beautiful!

I have channeled messages for a few different people including myself. I will experiment and develop this skill until I trust it and no longer doubt myself. This is my intention for the next 2 weeks.



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