Stepping up and feeling sh*t-scared

So I gave my first free channeling today. I did feel the energy flow but perhaps not as strong as I have felt before. It was for Jessika. I

It was all pretty placid and non-descript, nothing juicy. I truly hope she likes it as it took a lot out of me 🙂

I started to voice channel. I did it twice, trying to trust more.

I used the cards as a way in to the written channel and that was better. I asked Archangel Metatron to help me put the holographic matrix around us so that she would be like sitting in front of me (what I’m used to) and then I also asked some questions to assist the flow. This also helped.

I dunno…not entirely proud of it but I am proud of me 🙂

I may be preparing myself to receive channeled stories.

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