Channeling_ early experiences.

Had lots of moments of self doubt that I could dod this…you have to keep practicing so the Pleadian sisters of Light were right…practise, practise, practise!

Week 1: Jessika (Mps), Angela (in person) Sarah (FB video call) and Sharon (Mp3)

Week 2: Aurora (mp3) Steve (Fb video call) and Cathy 6pm.

Wk 2: Aurora: This was such a tricky one because she was very needy and wanted specific answers. It was a challenge but then I asked myself if I really believed this stuff or in fact thought I was giving the messages. If the latter, then no, I would not be able to do it. If I believed that I as really channeling, then YES! I could be a pure channel of Love and Light and just Trust that Aurora would get exactly what she needed to hear.

Steve: Read cards first. Felt the energy come through moments before. The channeling was beautiful ‘Sirian Council of Light’ Like they were old buddies kinda laughing with Steve. Advised him to create and work on communication and release everything that you do not want to take in the move. He received lots of guidance and told he had friends in high places. Knew much knowledge.

Cathy: This was another hard one as we have never met. I did a short visualisation to help her relax and to connect with her. This helped me to calm and begin. She was also just home from work. ….The Orion Council came through to offer guidance about the spoken word. To be discerning. You are learning Truth. Able to identify it.  Nurture yourself. Offer yourself the love you bestow on others. Take time to pause. Afterwards: The throat chakra is opening. The third eye is opening. The sacral still has some issues and when resolved the throat chakra will open.


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