Shamanic Meditations

So last night was our Ashati Meet-Up group at my house so I was hosting. I decided I would explore crystal mandala co-creation and give a drumming meditation.


Wow! First time explaining the sacred circle was a challenge so obviously need to do more research there, but explaining the directions and elements all flowed nicely.I invoked our own Inner-Shamans and we welcomed the directions (should have stayed seated). The actual co-creation was beautiful. We placed crystals on the mandala either…

  • on the outside: what we want to let go of/release,
  • in the middle rings: what we are grateful for
  • in the middle rings: what we want to welcome more of

I played and Golden Eagle but I should have played : !

The drumming was surprisingly easy. Keeping a beat is difficult but I tried to go with the flow of where the rhythm was taking me. Very trance like in fact…(although not fully yet as it was new).

Healing afterwards was magical. I felt a female presence come very close to my right cheek as I lay and hold with so much unconditional love and comfort. I was actually worried I had done something wrong and was asking “what’s wrong? why are you so sad or comforting me…I don’t feel like something bad is happening in my life!” But then I felt a slow and gentle detaching of my self. Like my old self was shifting to the left and outside of myself. Then eventually (very gently) it fully detached and I gasped and felt ….FREE and Light! I was my NEW self. I was in awe and shock. (Catherine had actually not woken me or brought me out of meditation for her own healing and just starting giving herself self-healing!!! I asked “but who am I now?” and I received “Unlimited”. “Indestructible” and “You are one of Us.”

WOW! I am so blessed.

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