Confirmation of Ascension

So last week we had our Ashati Meet up group (see previous) and Catherine healed me…I felt my 3D body slide to the left and disengage before gasping as I became LIGHT.

Well, I asked who am I and heard “You are Indestructible” and You are one of Us.

Well, all of that is very cool but just now I was listening to Teal Swan talk about how angels communicate with us and the most common being signs. Funnily enough Last week a song came to me (since the last channeling weekend) which was Spandou Ballet’s Gold. At teh time the message was beautiful but I could only remember the chorus.

I decided just now to listen to the song and guess what the words of one line are…

“you’ve got the power to know, You’re indestructable”

Love it!

Another sign this week was when I asked what is the most important thing to have now and then I read a channeled message by Mary Magdelene who said “compassion” is key. Then, a couple of hours later Amanda from America texted me to say she loved my ‘compassionate heart”…confirmation!!

So many synchronicities 🙂


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