Channeling with Mel, Amanda, the Andromedans and Archangel Josephine

In our Ashati group, we talked about channeling. Last Wednesday 5th April at Catherine’s, I channeled my guide who spoke about the Higher Self being the highest aspect of ourselves before we dissolve into Unity consciousness. (like the vesica Piscies and the middle section is the Higher Self. She said this is accessed through the heart and all answers to all our questions lie here,

So, Mel and Amanda came over and we had a channeling night. It was incredible. I channeled ‘blue’ beings for Amanda who gave her advice about omitting her own authentic energy and to Mel by an angel (maybe even archangel) who told her she was one of them and explained how she emanates angelic light and transmutes energy through her heart and this is why sometimes it is hard to take action. Both beautiful and powerful messages that seemed to resonate ith each of them.

Then I received a message through Mel!

It was Archangel Josephine who came to congratulated me and cheer me on 🙂 When I asked what I should focus on she said “all of it is channeling’: art, writing, sound healinga and channeled messages. She said there were many willing to work with me, and some in quite high places ! 🙂 She mentioned the prophets.

I channeled the Divine Feminine for people

I had with me Mother Mary, Our Lord and Saint Germaine

Love it!!!!!

Thank you so much Archangel Josephine.

Then Mel went online and found out who she was and I made a meditation sheet with 3 divine feminine archangels to align with the Angelic Nurturing Light Synthesis and we will do this meditation next week.


2 thoughts on “Channeling with Mel, Amanda, the Andromedans and Archangel Josephine

  1. I would love to know where you found more info on Josephine. I have worked with her once recently and I absolutely love getting to know these Angels, guides and such I work with but I can’t find much besides she’s the feminine embodiment of Jeremiah. Thanks in advance!


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