Channeled message :The All in All

So I was in the bath, just pondering, ad thenI started thinking about channeling and universal laws (as you do ūüôā and the following came to me. At the end, I heard “This is your lesson for today” So cool.

It was the Indian sounding accent.What is her name? Is it me in the 5th dimension? Is it Hathorian? It is the same voice that sang, made actions and animal sounds and song line songs during the Channeling for the Healer course with Virginie…also last week at Ashati meet-up group where she spoke about the vesica piscies (sic)

                                    Healing Heart Chakra: Primal painter (link on pic)

Consider this:

You imagine the aura as a series of layers around the physical form. the first is your etheric ‘body’, the next your emotional ‘body’ followed by the mental ‘body’ and so forth and so on. What happens when you continue on? Are you infinite? Of course you are! So how is it that you¬†somehow imagine yourself contained within this something you call your aura…like you are in a bubble that ends at the outskirts of you?

I offer you an alternative thought… instead of going outwards, go inwards, in layers if you wish, for then you reach a point..the Singularity. When you are in tune with this, you are in tune with your Divinity.

For can you not see…when you expand the layers around yourself you no longer remain you…you start to merge with the aura of another ¬†and another and another until you are eventually merged with all beings on Earth until you are One, and it will not stop there! You are more than the Earth plane…your energy¬†will expand to engulf the universe and more! Therefore your aura, when truly considered, encompasses All. And this is everything…including you and the very core of you.¬†When you are in tune with this, you are in tune with infinity. You are an infinite being truly.

So you see…the axiom is true. When you go within to the very core of you, you reach The All: the source, the centre.¬†And when you expand, you encompass All. Therefore , we say, the All is in All and All is in The All.



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