Kahuna Massage :) and Visions of Life after death

So I had my first ever kahuna massage with Catherine yesterday and it was phenomenal. I felt likeI was being opened energetically and the flow of kundalini was moving upwards. Just beautifully freeing.

The cards Catherine picked for me were:

Visions of Life after Death and Hidden Paths

I love the birds (I just made 2 more smudging feather sticks to clear energy after healings) and I love the wise old one accessing truths from beyond. Hidden paths is a positive card too (love the Horus eye as I wear this sometimes!) as it helps me see that the marriage between my earthly self and my spiritual self is merging and the path ahead will involve both.

In the afternoon I gave a healing and a channeled message to Christianne which resonated beautifully with her,

Feeling like things are really moving along and I am being so wonderfully guided and helped. Thank you!

Love it!

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