What is Channeling?

A connection to other consciousness…from other planets and civilisations, from the angelic realm, from any sentient or non-sentient being, from archetypal consciousness. All are ‘clumpings’ of consciousness.

Communication comes to the Higher Self (higher mind) and trickles down from the the higher self to the physical mind which finds the words to express the ideas coming in.

You go into a state of relaxation and openness within and tune in.

They also start to slow (etc) and somewhere in the middle you connect and ideas come. They are not actually speaking through you as they have a different language and communicate differently so this is a from of telepathy and your thoughts, ideas, words, images are used to connect and bridge the ideas coming in and the way it is expressed.

! I am a multidimensional crystal and also a facet of the ALL crystal. I exist in many dimensions. There is a constant cross communication between the TOTAL you in all of these forms. I can receive information from them constantly: past lives, ‘alien’ beings, ascended selves and all those other aspects of myself having other realities.

I need to connect more by listening to more channels a=to raise my awareness

I need to connect more with my Higher Self through meditation

I need to get more in contact with my own physical body and mind

“Earth is the experience of God touching his own forehead and asking, “Who is touching me?

Just by your existence, you already have all the impact you will ever have… just by your presence. The things that you do, the expressions of your creativity, do not create more impact. They REVEAL the impact you are already having.”

“It isn’t the circumstances that matter, it’s your responses to the circumstances. The state of being is the determining factor. If things pop up, I don’t like (again!?) and then you respond the same…you have not changed. So, respond differently to show you that you have changed.

Earth has a high degree of self imposed limitation. Regarding beliefs, use your emotions as a barometer to get in touch with your beliefs and then decide if the beliefs are in alignment: change the belief which generates a new response which generates a new experience which reprograms you. …It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to what’s happening to you!



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