Entities, Lost Souls, ETs and Negative Guidance

Sometimes, you just feel off. You try to be positive and ‘spiritual’ and yet, things aren’t shifting or changing and you keep repeating old patterns. Sometimes you get amazing insights and sometimes it’s all just wrong. What’s going on?

Well, it could be a number of things. More than likely you just have some perceptions of reality that do not serve you (negative beliefs/blocks) that are disrupting your flow of infinite loving Being-ness. You can let your imagination go wild and create your own little horrors inside your head…that seem/become rather substantially real!

In the bigger picture, you are creating everything! But when you are ‘in the moment’ of fear or depression, this idea is easier said than known. Thus let’s break down some possibilities and hopefully help you to  know you are not crazy (you’re not)or hopeless (you’re not) for attracting this into your life (it is more common than you might think). Know that there is always, on some level, some reason and positive outcome from every situation…even if it is to know yourself better and recognise and release some fears and blocks.

Did I mention you are an Infinite Being? Keep that in mind at all times, it will help you with the process of shifting negative stuff. It may all seem overwhelming now, like you are not in control, but really, if you could experience yourself, just for a moment, as you truly, truly are, all of this would be trifling child’s play. My prayer is that you, reading this, whoever, whenever and wherever you are, accept this as your Big Truth.

How does it happen that you have negative entities or ETs or whatever around you, interfering with your energy? As I said, there are always 2 layers of existence: there is the experiences you are creating on a soul level and then there is the experiences you are are actually experiencing and co-creating with your earthly body.  Of course they are inter-related but let’s just come from it from inside the babushka doll and get to the 3D mindset…

  1. You were curious about something and opened yourself up (in innocence) An entity or ET ‘felt’ you and came over to play. (Imagine you are a blind person climbing up a ladder and popping your head into an attic…whatever was in the attic can see you but you are so busy enjoying the heights you have no idea you were being observed…this happens quite a lot with newly ‘awakened’ people.
  2. You were lax about controlling your emotions or addictions and attracted an energy that resonated with you at that time. I actually had this experience: I was cranky, I drank alcohol, I then meditated (I know, I know) and attracted a nasty entity who stayed with me and a week later attacked me in my sleep. Now, on that level it was a nightmare but on my soul level, it was a blessing as I learned how to deal with entities and I stopped drinking 🙂

Whatever happened to make this connection, do not judge yourself for it. You are an amazing explorer of life’s mysteries! It’s just time now to reclaim your sovereignty and free will to release whatever it is interfering with you. As an aside, it’s usually powerful, light filled beings who are the most attractive to negative forces 🙂

Something else before we start, know that ALL beings have motives and objectives, even you. It is your Divine plan to fulfil your Prime Objectives that you set yourself. This is the case for entities, ETs, even angels and Ascended Beings. An entity expressing its own Being-ness of disrupting positive energy is just doing it’s job 🙂 Kinda puts things into perspective, doesn’t it.

So…Dark energy forces (in the spiritual sense, not the astronomical sense) is the major cause of low energy levels, negative feelings about yourself and others …even depression, sleep paralysis and suicidal thoughts and substance abuse. We could be dealing with an entity, an ET, a lost soul or even a negative guide (gasp!). Let’s explore …

Entities: An entity is a negative feeling or emotion that has solidified over time and created a being. Obvious places can be infested with entities: spaces where trauma or sad or horrible things happened: battlefields; dungeons, houses…you just feeeeel the heaviness of it when you enter into the space. Entities attach themselves to low or chaotic or dense vibratory places and beings and basically feed on them. Thus they become stronger. Entities can come into your energy field or be very close around you. Ideas from them can come into your head and feel like you.

ETs: They can also be visitors from another dimension who want to play or live on our energy. Now don’t get me wrong, I channel extraterrestrial beings and I find they help me to give a perspective way outside of my usual awareness. They open my mind to possibilities and I am often awestruck with their loving assistance and ability to help us on our path to knowing ourselves as unlimited beings. But ETs are just like people: some people are amazingly loving and kind, some nice and some not so nice and some downright distasteful. When working with ETs, it’s best to be discerning and understand that they have their own directives or agenda and maybe that’s not for your highest good.

Lost Souls or Ghosts: people who passed over. No-one is really lost but they may be choosing to experience being lost (that higher level perspective again). They may have been frightened to allow a cross over completely for fear of punishment (rife in ‘fire and brimstone’ believers) or they may feel a pull or need to stay/hold on for whatever reason. They may actually know they are dead and choose to remain..hey, they have their reasons like Headless Nick (a wink to any Harry Potter fans).

Negative Guides: Okay, a tricky one …and very rare. You have a number of guides and generally they love you unconditionally and want to help and assist in any way they can. Some of them may be from past life attachments and this may or may not be a good thing. They may be souls with egos still firmly attached. They may just be new and not very good at guiding. Clearing a negative guide and calling in a new, more experienced guide can make life improve dramatically. Enough said, it’s tricky.



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