Flow: When we allow ourselves to follow our own excitement without permitting others to sway us or hold power over us, we get into flow. When in flow, we exist in a state of oneness and all things are available to us. All.   -channeled by me.

So, I am doing my first commissioned painting since 2006. Back then I used to paint flowers and lovely scenes and sell in a shop…only sold about 10 paintings but at the time I was doing murals on children’s bedroom walls so it was just a complimentary thing.

This is spiritual art. I love the idea.I am painting Sharon’s spiritual helpers and guides. I tune in, channel messages and paint what comes up…also what she mentions she wants. In this case she wants to show Atlantis, Lemuria, Dragon, unicorn, dolphins, mermaids. It’s sounding a lot like a fairytale 🙂 I actually have to think deeply about NOT making it too story-book.

I have set up a kind of routine for myself. I wake up, go for a walk and then I study (whatever I like) in the morning. Then I have lunch and maybe another walk. Then I paint in the afternoon and let myself enjoy the process…I get into flow when I am not trying to get into flow. 🙂 I put on music and sing or just relax and not focus too much on trying to make an amazing artwork. Seems to be working. Then I meditate in the afternoon, have a shower and get ready for dinner with Herve. Then we do whatever…sometimes he is busy with the job search for America so I research too or just watch Youtube videos. What a great life!

This week I am studying Mona Wind’s Akashic course again because it is so fascinating. But I am also listening to Bashar and Paul Lowe as well. Oh and I bought the Sacred Rebels Oracle cards because I love the work of Autumn Sky Morrison so I’ll look into that also.

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