Making my business website with WordPress

Ok, so I want 2 websites: one for painting and one for healing/Ashati etc

This blog is a freebie on WordPress. That’s fine for now as this blog is really my journal.

The painting one has now been created but not set up…steep learning curve! I have already made a number of websites in my teaching job using weebly and Wikispaces but Herve strongly suggests WordPress so I am going for it.

I tried to use the basic free plan (this blog) but it was sooo limited for making a website (as opposed to a blog) and it just got too frustrating. I could only do what the themes allowed and none of them made me happy 😦 I thought if I updated I would get more functions to play around but no luck…still very limited.

So I have now tried something new. Two words: Tyler Moore.

Absolutely brilliant as you just follow his YouTube video, sign up and get domain and hosting from HostGator then get backend access to a WordPress site with all the extras…for same if not cheaper price (he gives savings codes).  So now I have my new painting site with tyler’s site suggestion theme ‘Tesseract’…time to customise it.



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