Ashati Awakening


You know when you go and buy a new pair of jeans and it takes a little while to really become comfortable in them? Soon they become so familiar as they shape exactly to your body and you don’t even notice them much anymore. That’s what my ascension process feels like. As I grow and go through my (sometimes very painful) growing pains, I acquire new jeans. Lots and lots of new pairs of jeans that have become old friends. And friends? Beliefs? Perceptions of reality? Well, as my jeans change, so do all my matching outfits and accessories: that stunning red top just doesn’t seem a good match anymore and the sparkly earrings just clash…and those well worn boots? They just make the whole thing seem tired. So I try new outfits, but other things now seem to fit better too and actually when I start being creative with how I wear them, they enhance everything!

So, that is where I am on my journey, started in 2014, now Ascension 4: experiencing the process of higher and higher frequency energies being integrated into my energetic bodies. Connecting more with my true heart’s Truth (I AM eternal and un-conditonal Love, a spark of the Divine, connected to All things as One) and letting go of what is no longer my truth (trying to ‘do it all’, proving myself worthy of love and praise and admiration, being ‘good’ and pleasing everyone else, limiting myself and losing myself and my health in the process, and blaming everyone and everything else for what I was creating and manifesting in my own life).

I take deeper breathes, I stretch my mind and my body more, I get out in nature more and allow myself to rest more and just BE, I try to be kind to myself and my body and my mind and forgive my emotional responses, even when I know I can do better. I feel more bliss as I allow myself to be drawn to do what I really want to do in each moment of the Now. And I have found that because I am more kind and compassionate to myself, I can be kinder and more compassionate to others.

My heart is filled with gratitude to Jerome Baudel and my other beautiful Ashati teachers Christianne and MaryAnne and the Ashati guides and all the energies, and my new Ashati friends, as I know it has made my awakening easier than most, and brought me more awareness of my Higher Self and Guidance that was there all along.

Having said that, when I say that I have had it easier than most, I don’t mean to give the impression that healing myself is easy. Jerome’s last message confirms this. I recall days of lying face down on the grass in my garden hysterically pouring out my heart to the Earth as yet another veil was lifted. Being honest with your own life and patterns and becoming more authentic is bloody hard work! Facing up to truth can be incredibly raw and certainly not for the feint hearted. (Now, I say “bring it on!”🙂

What I meant was that the Ashati journey seems to have its own intelligence that mixes with my higher intelligence and guidance and everything just flows in perfect synchronicity. Incredible coincidences become common-place. I learn exactly what I need to learn, experience exactly what I need to experience and get exactly the right help and assistance when I need it, as each veil is lifted and a layer is removed from the fog around me. (I keep saying”I” as I’m talking about my own journey and don’t want to presume for others but I suspect others have similar stories).

To explain the fast tracking…I have been on a spiritual path since 2000 when I wrote the word “remember’ via automatic writing during a particularly difficult period. Now, you would think that a jolt like that would start me on a massive self healing journey to actually remember what it was I was meant to remember. But I couldn’t do it! I just went round and round in circles buying more incense sticks and seeing psychics and getting more frustrated and down.

There’s something in everyone who has started this awakening journey that feels the calling to self-heal and wake-up to authenticity and then get on with whatever it is their true heart feels drawn to do. That’s what I feel, not speaking on behalf of anyone. Personally I feel that i agreed to come here (to Earth) only because I knew this help would be available. A helping hand to lift me out of the fog. There’s truth to what your friend has said.

Thank you for reading to end 🙂 I wish you all the love in the world for your own journey X

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