Ashati Journey 5…Day 3 Update

Ok, so it’s been three days since my activation. They were felt physically.

Today…I did the symbol clearing of mental and emotional blockages around the body and could easily see that I still have a long way to go 😦  I released quite a lot…SO IT IS!! but I am feeling raw at the thoughts and emotions I saw still there…

  • Still gossipy…making others look bad to make myself feel better 😦
  • Not wishing the best for others…sometimes even feeling good when they don’t succeed 😦
  • Fear of being seen (in a bad light)
  • Fear of not being seen (ignored)
  • Fear of looking stupid
  • Fear of being seen to fail
  • Fear of being seen as wrong
  • Fear of looking fat and ugly and old and useless
  • Fear of being naked and being judged (all of above)

A little disappointed I still have this even though I think of myself as a spiritual person 😦

But I recognise them. I acknowledge them 🙂 I can name them 🙂 I can release them as they no longer serve my highest good.

Onwards and upwards…bring it on. I am flawed and I AM also love. I forgive myself for my flaws and commit to releasing these negative thoughts and beliefs and habits completely from my system.


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